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Great! Thanks so much! Let me know how it goes ;)

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Cool, heard. You can keep tabs on our progress here: https://github.com/Shabang-Systems/Condution/issues/89

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Once I was in the app, I wasn’t able to view more than about 25 characters because the text didn’t wrap. So, I could tell that I was supposed to click on the buttons in order to continue but I wasn’t able to see what they were trying to say.

Sorry about the troubles! We will investigate the onboarding UI further and see how we could improve it.

p.s. the completed view is meant to show tasks that you have already completed, not what you have to do. We designed Upcoming for that function.

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We tried to incorporate all of the best (we think) features from the various apps we tried. Platform independence a la Todoist (and yes, it works on a PC, go to condution.shabang.cf/#downloads), smart folders/perspectives a la OmniFocus, start/end dates+times a la OmniFocus, intuitive, single-view UI a la things, and home page + upcoming a la RememberTheMilk/MS Todo. We are also striving to be more active on the user front — building not only an app but also a global community of people who like to nerd out about To-Do lists and productivity. To this end, the app is open source and our work discord is public on our website.

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Currently, our recurring tasks is calculated after you complete a task... As in, if it is, say, repeating daily, and you forgot to do it yesterday, checking it off today will cause the task to repeat as if it was checked off yesterday — updating the due date to today.