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We are a high-school team building a world-class + open-source todo list app taking a different approach to task management.

What's different about your approach to task management?

What do you think makes your software "world-class?" (stats wise, it looks like you have 2 ratings on the Apple app store, and 6 ratings on the Google app store (with "50+" (aka 50-100) installs)

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CalTrain is literally the worst. It's so expensive and they only ever have hourly trains.

Only midday and weekends.

For most stops, there is more than hourly service.


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Castro St/Moffett Blvd Mountain View.

Expressing trains pass a couple stations down, so the timing often has two trains within close proximity.

SB trains hit the crossing once.

But NB trains stopping hit the crossing twice. Once as it pulls in, and once as it pulls out.

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Fair. I hope you do well!

But you didn't answer my first question: What's different about your approach to task management? It sounds like you're intending to have many of the same features.