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Can it be connected to google calendars so that the tasks would show up there? Because I use google calendar for scheduling my day, and this to manage my tasks would be very helpful.


Sure! My discord username is CIPHER73 . I joined the server.


I myself am a high school students, and I am interested in coding too! So could you give me some tips about starting such projects? Also, many people at my school aren't good at or even know programming or any such thing! So could you tell me about connecting with such people, starting these projects and even completing them and making great apps such as you have done here. A bit about the process and the starting of these projects would also be helpful! Thanks in advance! PS: Any other tips and bits of info would be appreciated.


Thank you so much! I don't know if you know this, but google calendars already has an 'import calendar' feature making it easy to use other calendars. Also, wanted to ask, (I didn't understand clearly from the post itself) are you all working at a high school, or high school students? Or something else?


Could you elaborate about you attending ISU? That is what had you done before attending, what had you done there and for how long, and more about your experience and stuff as well as what you did after that and how it impacted your life? Also could you briefly tell me about ISU itself?