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Umm Google didn't say that, it's what people say about Google...

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There's a lot more than newspapers though. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_assets_owned_by_News_Corp

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Yeah the visual side is fine but I think if you can test it with more people aside from your friends and make sure they can use it / understand the functions, it will give you better uptake. Even guerrilla testing is good - offer to buy random people a coffee in return for testing the app for 5 minutes and asking them if they understand it. Good luck!

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Congrats on your app, that's a pretty decent achievement for highschoolers. I just wanted to give you a but of feedback but don't have a question. I tend to agree that it's not that intuitive. There's quite a few options in the Android app that I couldn't tell what they were for even after tapping on them. I feel like your whole app is kinda lacking UX principles in general. Also you should focus on mobile first design, at the moment it's a desktop app wrapped as a mobile app. Many of the touch points were too small and overflowed off screen. Anyway good luck! Reddit is a harsh place so don't let some of the other blunt criticism get you down.

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Also I highly recommend the book "Don't make me think" it's a nice little crash course in UX thinking. Easy read too