Hi Reddit, Boxcarbobbythehobo here. In the news this week, there has been a ton of coverage about potential Federal overreach when it comes to the protest occurring all over the country right now, and I wanted to stop by and share my own experience.

A bit about me: I was not always a good person. I grew up in Houston, in a poverty stricken community, riddled with drugs and crime. I got caught up very early in gang related stuff, and by the age of 17 I was already in prison for a gang related fight. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Folks from my neighborhood almost never got an education; Most got prisoner numbers. I was one of the lucky ones who got an education IN prison. As I began to delve deeply into political science and history, an activist was born. Upon my release 7 years later, I was fully committed to using all of my time and energy to organize and try to fight so much of the injustice I had witnessed in the justice system. I organized all over the country, from Working on the Bernie Sanders campaign twice, in 8 states, to working to ensure Maine's Ranked Choice voting effort proved successful. It is no overstatement to say my whole life revolved around trying to help people.

I am also the father of a black son. The death of George Floyd hit me particularly hard. I dunno how common this knowledge is, but Mr. Floyd was a hero in this community. He was a Football hero, who also was a member of DJ Screw's legendary Screwed Up Click. The music of Screw was such a huge part of Houston's culture.

I was arrested three times during the George Floyd protest. They arrested me the first time trying to march onto the freeway. I was held for a day and released. HPD officers followed me around downtown houston for over 3 hours, until the rolled up on me with three unmarked police cars, re arrested me for no new crime, and enhanced my charges. I made bond, was out for three days, when the FBI kicked my door in 20 deep and arrested me again, again for no new crime. They kept trying to make me say I was antifa, and that there were hundreds of people who followed me. I am not antifa. I am the father of a black son who I dont even know how to explain why I am going through what I am going through to. I am currently on GPS monitoring (for a whopping 6 dollars a day!), being forced to go to rehab for my "marijuana addiction", and wont know my future for awhile, so I just thought I would stop by and talk about it with you guys.


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BoxcarBobbytheHobo89 karma

Ok guys, I got some excellent news in court yesterday, that we may getting my state charges ( the one with the 25 to life enhancement on it) tossed out. Ive been advised by my lawyer that saying the wrong thing here right now could jeopardize that, So I may try to keep away from real specifics that could incriminate me, but outside of that, If you have any questions about the protest, or my previous history, or are interested in hopping freight trains, ask away! I will be around al morning :)

Fenring16 karma

we may getting my state charges ( the one with the 25 to life enhancement on it) tossed out.

What are (were?) the charges that you would face 25 to life for?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo44 karma

There is a state criminal mischief case. Normally it would be a state jail felony. But because of my conviction at 17, they are Enhancing it, basically saying i am a career criminal and therefore should be sentenced accordingly.

Fenring22 karma

Wow, that is some fucking bullshit. Here's hoping they do, in fact, drop it.

BoxcarBobbytheHobo16 karma

cheers, family.

Studoku55 karma

Are you a stabbing hobo or a singing hobo?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo41 karma

Singing Hobo.... One of the greatest joys in my life is getting to travel from city to city, and literally sing for my supper. Its part street theatre, part musical act. I have a laptop and ableton, and Ill play with some live loops. My good friend plays guitar, and Ill do harmony vocals and percussion stuff.

Boxes_Full_O_Pepe21 karma

Nothing beats the hobo life!

Stabbin' Nobos with my Hobo knife

ShooeyTheGreat32 karma

My folks aren’t exactly approving of my attendance of protest and stuff but then again I suppose that’s the point of a protest isn’t it? My question to you is how do you even in the face of fear or uncertainty find it in yourself to still protest? Also, do you believe we’re on the brink of all our war between the people and government?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo26 karma

There is a fear of the uncertainty, and especially seeing, over and over again, those that stand up to power getting fucked over. But its not the only fear right? The uncertainty of where technology is taking us, the fear of climate change, the fear of an overly policed world, these are all legitimate as well, and the thing that really makes the other fear, the small personal impact of consequences, seem like a selfish thing (for me personally) to get caught up in.

Iron_Eagle4-9 karma

Have you ever tried like getting a job and just sticking to that?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo8 karma

I'm a self employed videographer at this point in my life, but ive held down lots of jobs. Just really hard to find work that squares with my values and ethics, and to me money isn't really important enough an ideal to compromise those things for.

criminalmind131324 karma

but Mr. Floyd was a hero in this community.

Was it the theft charges, drug dealing charges or the aggravated armed robbery where he threatened to shoot a pregnant woman in the stomach that made him a hero?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo16 karma

  1. Was a community figure in a historical neighborhood, Houston's Third Ward. Played Tight End on one of the best teams Jack Yates ever had. He was a beast. The rap stuff can't be overstated. It was a scene here in houston that should be considered in the same way SF in the 60's is considered, Seattle in the 90's. Moments in history where the music was so influential to culture, and so tied to a place and lifestyle, that it becomes cemented as something special. Big Floyd was a member of the core unit that influenced the sound of current hip hop all over the world.

  2. He embodied the spirit of underprivileged kids in Houston. Someone who was brought up in the mud, and got some dirt on him in the process, but shook it off, dusted himself up, and got himself right again.

ForgottenPassword32 karma

It sucks that you're getting brigaded and downvoted because any narrative that Floyd was anything but a criminal is attracting the racist on the internet Tucker sucking off Trump's tiny peener crowd. Your description of him complicates that because they don't want any coverage that he was a dad, friend, etc., ordinary stuff that makes him sympathetic.

Good luck, I did want to hear fun train hopping stories.

BoxcarBobbytheHobo1 karma

much love fam. And yeah I know it is a weird time and place to be alive. I didn't do the AMA for upvotes, and tbh I really wanted to engage with those trolls. I have a surprisingly good track record at conversation with those folks in person. The most interesting part of this surge in activism and interest in the world to me personally is the internet. It is fascinating to me how much it has changed us. When I went to prison the first time, at 17, No one I knew was on social media.

Myspace was a thing, but i didnt have one. Fast forward 7 years, I get out, and the entire world is on Facebook. It was a completely different world. I was really intrigued by the possibilities. I thought, after years of reading in prison, that this would be a platform for thoughtful dialogue. It was amazing to me that others were not able to see how sectioned off and unwilling to see the other side everyone was. I sort of got disgusted and swore off all social media.

Then I came back out of curiosity. I began to really try and engage with trolls, try to understand them. I began to see that its more about identity and and self autonomy in a group setting.

It was in beginning to assess this, and to filter it through the workings of power, that made this moment in time feel super important. There is alot of things I don't know, but one thing I DO know is that every single invention in the history of mankind has been used by those in power to control those without it. So I try to engage the trolls, and just be reasonable, understand that there may be very real reasons for them to feel like that, even on top of them being a tool in someone elses toolbelt. I don't mind the hate, and would rather engage every single asswhole trolling me on the off chance that i make a LITTLE bit of sense to one of them.

antipho14 karma

have you gone to trial yet?

be careful with what you write here.

BoxcarBobbytheHobo7 karma

I have not

tereskan12 karma

He was a hero.in your community? Is that because of all his good deeds like holding guns to pregnant womans stomachs whilst robbing them or for selling drugs etc? I hope your son picks more suitable hero's to aspire to be like..

BoxcarBobbytheHobo-8 karma

1.He was a football legend in a historical neighborhood. He put the whole Third Ward on his back and took Jack Yates to a state championship. He was also a core member of a scene that should probably be looked at in a musical sense the same way that SF in the 60s is, or Seattle in the 90's. A moment in history where the sounds of pop music change forever after. 2. He embodied the spirit of underprivileged kids in Houston, The kind of spirit that gets side tracked, gets into trouble, and puts their life back together while being a role model to young kids in similar situations.

tereskan13 karma

He was also a career criminal who brought misery into many peoples lives. His criminal record was extensive with some disgusting acts of violence towards women, these are just the crimes he was caught for, I'm pretty certain he wasn't caught for every single crime he committed either.

BoxcarBobbytheHobo-2 karma

Ok, I just don't understand how of all these things we could be asking questions on and trying to better understand, why are we focusing on what circumstances an innocent man lived under before he was murdered? He was a hero in this community, thats just a fact. If the discussion is whether or not someone can be a hero and still have a questionable background, almost every sports figure i can think of is up for debate.

looktothec00kie10 karma

I was able to find 25 to life sentence for a 3 strike. Are you a 3 striker. Is that what you’re leaving out of the story? Because I feel that you are leaving a huge detail out. Maybe you don’t understand it or maybe you just aren’t fully accepting responsibility for the actions that got you where you are now. I’m not suggesting it was all fair.

BoxcarBobbytheHobo5 karma

One enhancement is from the aggravated assault i committed in when I was 17, in 2005. That is strike one. There is another strike currently attached to my case, from another aggravated assault, from literally either someone else with my name, or a completely fictitious case, that occured in 2000, when i was like 12 or some shit. Thats the other enhancement. This, the criminal mischief, is the third strike. I dont think the enhancement will end up there in the end, bringing the case down 15 to life, but still. Its there now. I don't know why it is there now, and i cant afford an attorney, so i have to wait on the court appointed, which normally means you talk to them when u go to court.

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BoxcarBobbytheHobo2 karma

will this, along with the twitter pic, work?

JivePorpoise5 karma

Yo brother I appreciate you helping get the ranked choice vote in Maine. You've put work in for injustice all across America I hope you get the freedom you deserve. The federal government still hasn't labeled Antifa as a terrorist organization yet, despite what the president says. Are your new charges for some crazy conspiracy? No specifics if itl get you in trouble but like you went from what I'd call "aggrevated jaywalking" to them tryna say your in charge of an "Antifa cell" which isn't illegal until the feds recognize Antifa as a threat to national security which would be...ironic. Anyways I got a record too and want to be involved in politics. How did you start? Did your background affect you positively or negatively? Have you thought about attempting to gain some type of office why or why not?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo14 karma

I am facing a federal civil unrest charge, a state criminal mischief case, and an interfering with a public service misdemeanor.

Yeah, having a record will fuck your job chances. It all has to do with how companies are insured and the bond restrictions against having people with records. That Maine ranked choice campaign, for instance. I got the job from someone I worked with on the Bernie campaign, knew my past and my record. He was running the campaign for the state, so he told me it was no problem. I get there, work for three weeks, then he tells me they can't keep me on. It was actually my first time on the rails. I was stuck, thousand miles from home, in Bangor. I met a gypsy at the library named patricio, who told me all about hobos and the code. He was a terrible drunk, and had the trickster gypsy spirit about himself. I didn't know at the time, but it shouldn't have taken 5 days to get from Bangor to Portland, and the whole thing was just him getting us (he had three greenhorns, or rail newbs) to pay for his swill the whole time. Knowing what I know now about hobos, he prolly was getting a real kick out of the whole thing.

Fuck running for office. There is a ceiling as to how much you can contribute. If you really wanna get involved in changing the world, Just start volunteering for things, you will meet people. Try and focus on activities that impact your community. Best of luck to you, fam.

JivePorpoise1 karma

Damn those charges seem weak hope the judge is understanding. Thanks for all the advice man. Good luck with the case man keep ya head up.

BoxcarBobbytheHobo2 karma

much love.

Ratherbdabbin5 karma

You ever hot box the box car though?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo26 karma

every time.... you aint seen shit till you seen a group of hobos in a boxcar doing dabs that would cave mere mortal's chest in. Hobo's often travel west during harvest season to work on the farms, and we blow that good. Homeless folks with the highest standards in marijuana consumption lol.

FogitaFabian5 karma

How were you treated when you were locked up? Ive seen a lot of stories of people being almost harrased after they were arrested, was this the same for you?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo31 karma

There was a level of intimidation in my case that resulted from a video going viral, in which I was plainly visible in my overalls. I was arrested at the freeway entrance, and the entire time I was processing in the mobile processing unit, they kept coming up to me and telling me they were gonna put me under the jailhouse, things like that. The treatment in the Harris County Jail is never good, but I can't say that it was any worse because of me being a protester. Once I was released, however, there was a mental harassment that resulted from them following me around. They arrested me the second time for recording a bunch of our city busses that looked like they were being converted to a mobile paddy wagon. They said I failed to identify myself( although they never told me I was being detained, so I dont think I was required to). From this bogus arrest, they took me to the tenth floor of the Major crimes division, which was completely empty, and Kind of tried to scare me into talking. I can't overstate how scary it is to be in a place you know your not suppose to be, with the only "protectors" you have being the very violent men and women who I was originally protesting against. Outside of this tho, the only crazy thing was the third time I was arrested. Atleast 20 officers came in yelling with automatic weapons. They took me to an FBI building, no one would tell me what was going on, what I was charged with. That shit was pretty scary too.

FogitaFabian14 karma

Damn as a European this seems so scary, the fact that they are even allowed to intimidate someone like this is weird. Its like the cops there are going back to the hunters-gatherers age where they have to show theyre the alpha male. I hope it gets better bro, i really do cause i feel sorry, there is nothing i can do :(

BoxcarBobbytheHobo28 karma

hahaha man it is very obvious you are not familiar with american law enforcement. The overall goal of any police interaction in america is to assert the Alpha male dominance first, then deal with whatever the situation is. It is the very psyche of LEO. Thanks for the well wishes, family.

P_Gatta4 karma

Hi sir, I have some questions for you. I live in central Europe and English is not my native language. I understand why people currently protest in US, but there are some things, which amaze me.

  1. Do you think removing statues of slavers and in general people, who acted against black people will help? Wouldn't be better to keep them as a reminder? Maybe with some text explaining, who those people were in reality?
  2. What do you think about companies changing their logos? I read story about company, that had a black guy farmer in its logo. They changed the logo even that origin of their logo was based on friendship of the company founder and his black friend.
  3. What do you think about remaking movies and hiring a black actor/actress into main role? Wouldn't be better to have black actors/actresses in new movies?
  4. What do you think about white people dubbing other ethnic characters in movies / shows?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo0 karma

  1. Has to happen. Here the monuments and statues are not held in a historical reminder, but a glorification. The erection of these statues were generally in response to progress on race, as a visceral reaction against the idea of black equality. The "Daughter's of the Confederacy" was a racist organization in the south during Jim Crowe that pushed the idea of southern supremacy and segregation. Even the people who fought for the south in the Civil War didnt want the reminders.
  2. As A white dude, I have no opinion. If that is the wish of the AA community, ill ride with em.
  3. Art should imitate life. If black folks are present in american culture, they should be in american art.
  4. I think dubbed movies are absurd. #subtitlesordeath

P_Gatta4 karma

Thank you for your answers.

1) This is a beautiful example of how people can change their opinion when they educate themselves. I didn't know anything about how and why those statues were erected.

3) I definitely agree, but why to remake something old when you can create something new. In my point of view it would be more authentic not just a copy.

4) To be honest, when I wrote that question I had The Simpsons in my mind :)

BoxcarBobbytheHobo2 karma

A question for you then: If you can say, where at in europe are you located, and what is the general response to the protest that are occuring here? edit: I see central Europe.

MakeLimeade2 karma

Going to add to #1 because our Eastern European friend probably doesn't know about the Jim Crow era. Jim Crow laws were enforcing segregation and basically anti-black people. This was also the time when lynching was common (hanging people).

The statues had little to do with the actual generals - how many Union generals (opposite side of the Civil War) have statues? How many generals from WW2 or WW1 or any other war have statues?

I'd bet that the statues of the Confederate Generals outnumber all other wars combined, or come close. And they were traitors to the US. It should be obvious that they have little to do with history, and a lot to do with intimidation and white supremacy.

BoxcarBobbytheHobo2 karma

touche. I fuck with this stuff and I had never thought of it that way.

countrybreakfast14 karma

How much do your parents finance your life?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo5 karma

If I wasn't on a gps monitor, I would be traveling and homeless. My parents can't afford to finance their own lives, let alone mine.

countrybreakfast11 karma

I used to live in a house that had shows and all the travelling folk that would show up were the literal worst people

BoxcarBobbytheHobo6 karma

Smelled like shit, drank all your beer, smoked all your pot, left a permanent ring of funk in your bathtub? Sounds like so many of my friends.

Hobo advice: steer cleer.

countrybreakfast14 karma

Ok well at least you are self aware of the perception sorry for being rude haha. But yes we had to quit putting up flyers for shows cuz that's how they were finding out and just... Constant asking for cigs/beers, finding needles in the bushes afterwards, not leaving and begging to sleep on your couch with their dog, stealing if they felt you slighted them in the slightest. Just lot of issues came along with travelling folk.

BoxcarBobbytheHobo2 karma

I don't drink personally, and know a shwilly hobo is a handful, but I think there is alot to be said for personal mental health and ethical living involved in this lifestyle. We literally dumpster dive to sustain ourselves. The eco footprint we leave behind is almost nill. It smells bad, but it could save the planet if more people lived this way.

As for the mental health component: I have struggled with severe bouts of depression in all but two places: Prison, and riding the rails. I think there is something essential to humanity in community living. Prison and Traveling are similar in lots of ways... you get lots of physical exercise. Your almost always in a community that works collectively together... there is routine, but with variety. There has to be something to it. I can think of no other reason prison and being homeless would be so bearable.

countrybreakfast16 karma

And I should state not all that were met on those hot summer nights were bad... Some were good people who just enjoyed the lifestyle! Just got burned on so many occasions it is tough to not become leery

BoxcarBobbytheHobo1 karma

Your not wrong lol. I guess just like cops there are prolly good ones and bad ones. And this is the same reason I generally fear police. Maybe your apprehension towards hobos and mine toward police are both logical things lmao

rukioish3 karma

Do you think the protests are helping/will work? I feel like the US has ADHD when it comes to "hot topics" and it's just a matter of time before interest in protests wanes and people start to forget.

Do you think there will be major societal take-aways for the US after the dust settles?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo6 karma

Yes. There has already been huge strides, in both policy and public opinion. I think that the only area of uncertainty remains in the relation to how much technology and social media have divided people. This certainly could be the sort of momentum and change that overwhelmingly sweeps through society, with the remainders on the outside being isolated and vilified to a degree that their opinions won't change things. Or it could just further divide folks into their respective corners and just amplify tensions.

FastWalkingShortGuy3 karma

Did you ever run into Stobe in your travels?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo8 karma

I did not, but I know some members of his crew, KFC.

Fappinattheopera2 karma

Thanks for mentioning Stobe Jim Kenobi.

If anyone is interested in a unique view into hobo lifestyle, check out stobe the hobo on YT.

BoxcarBobbytheHobo2 karma


atlasified2 karma

whats your end game?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo6 karma

just to share my experience in the event it helped someone else with little to no experience in the justice system better understand it. I feel I never see reporting congruent with my experience in the criminal justice system. I feel like alot of the really fucked up stuff never gets addressed in the proper way, or it gets addressed without context. i knew this may end up being used against me in some way at court, but I really felt obligated, in this moment in history, to try and be able to say I feel like I did the right thing, even when it was not the easiest nor in my self interest.

Big_Life2 karma

Would you consider yourself a gutter punk?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo15 karma

*glitter. I just sleep in the gutter.

OldSchoolFunke2 karma

Idk if this is active, but I’ve been curious about train hopping for the views alone, what stories stick out on the top of your head? Like; best view? Most unique experience?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo7 karma

Tbh, its all fucking gorgeous from a train. The west coast is pretty sick. From Seattle south to Portland and Eugene. My favorite train town is Dunsmuir California. It's whole existence was based around being the place they could load all the coal up to power the steam engines over Mt. Shasta. Riding out of dunsmuir on a freight train is sublime. The views or great, but the freedom of starting your day waking up in some amazing camp spot, and going whereever the fuck you want to that day, then finding some other amazing camping spot the following night, then repeating. Just having that be the rhythm of your life... Fuck man i miss it so much rn. This shit is really hard to come back to after living like that.

OldSchoolFunke2 karma

That sounds awesome tbh, the views alone make it worth it. Was dealing with security an issue? I’ve seen other train hobos have to jump out before rail yards and such

BoxcarBobbytheHobo2 karma

It can be. BNSF has private security, UP does not. Just a thing you learn how to do. You stay out the yards mostly, don't be an idiot. Alot of rail workers or rail cops understand this history and tradition.More than a few times, Ive either gotten hats, tshirts, stickers, or more commonly, information about when things were leaving, where they are going.

OldSchoolFunke1 karma

Thank you for replying, this is a topic I’ve been curious about since I saw hobos as a kid, I think one day I may do the west coast on a line.

BoxcarBobbytheHobo2 karma

Its really the sort of thing you gotta stumble onto tbh. Hopping freight is not necessarily an easy thing, there are levels to it, and the only people ive ever known to do it sort of get apprenticed in. I'm a huge proponent of educating yourself to do whatever it is you want to do, but honestly this is one of the few things you cant really teach yourself on the internet. My friend Eazy, The gold teethed dreadlocked hobo, loves to say " the only true knowledge is experience, fam." I wholeheartedly agree with him 99% of the time on that, but in this case it is prolly accurate. If you really want to ride, you can reach out to me. Im on all socials.

TheNorthComesWithMe1 karma

Have you talked to any reporters? That seems like a better avenue for this story than a reddit post.

BoxcarBobbytheHobo2 karma

Have not. Don't really know how I would go about that.

ChickenFeetJob1 karma

God this sounds horrible, stay safe and fight the good fight!

Are there moment that you were scared of dying because of what you do?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo11 karma

no, but life in prison is scarier than dying, honestly.

Nathanyu30 karma

I am illegally hoping trains to escape charges after a lifetime of gang related crime. But now I’m an activist AMA! I don’t fully comprehend why you think people should support you....you don’t seem to be taking responsibility for your actions. Just blaming the police and the law, maybe take some responsibility for the harm you have done? That would make me more likely to believe you’re an activist.

BoxcarBobbytheHobo7 karma

to escape charges? Im not trying to escape anything. I, previously, have traveled around on trains in order work on campaigns as an activist. I want my day in court, and would not ever consider leaving before i had that opportunity.

But on a serious note, I do take responsibility for the bad stuff I have done. I was trying to draw a distinction between those things (that I generally think were bad, and also the reason why I live the way that I do, in order to even out the bad I have done). My activities at this protest are not the only activism I am apart of. I was an actual organizer. I have worked thousands of hours, alot of it volunteering my time out of a duty to be a better person. I have been to alot of protest, but ive spent way more time actually working in communities to try and make a difference.

ISayISayISay0 karma

Your imgur link is broken ..?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo3 karma

Should be up now

iamathrogate0 karma

Fellow transient here! What is the worst injury you've received, while hopping and while protesting? What is the best stretch of track that you have ridden?
What are some bits of advice you would give others?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo1 karma

Im not a schwilly hobo, so I never have gotten really hurt trying get on or off. Sprained ankles one time, minor stuff like that. The worst injuries from protesting....When we were at standing rock, The police mixed water and antifreeze up, and sprayed us down with firehoses when it was -15 F. That shit sucked. I guess worse than that was in philadelphia in 2016. We were protesting the DNC convention that summer. It was very hot. After they arrested me and five other organizers, they cuffed us and put us into the back of a van. They left us there for like 3 hours figuring out where to take us, whether it was federal or state custody. I was sweating so bad I guess i got extremely dehydrated. Every muscle in my body started cramping up. Every time I moved, to try and stretch something, something else would cramp. Prolly shoulda been put on an IV but they just left me there to suffer. But tbh i dont wanna make it seem that bad, cause its nothing compared to some of the shit ive heard and seen.

And advice for Transients: keep moving. Don't matter if you rubber tramp it, ride trains, hitch... there is a real peace and serenity from moving constantly. Some of my friends have had trouble when they stopped. Certain locations that just seemed like a trap. Less time you spend around places like that the happier I feel generally.

MoBro89-1 karma

I live outside of Springfield, Mo. (we're not known for our diversity). Other than participating in the occasional march/protest in my city, what are some other ways I can support the movement as a white male in a predominantly white and conservative culture?

BoxcarBobbytheHobo10 karma

service to others has a way of winning anyone over. As a white dude, I try to listen more than I speak, and just find ways to help. It often helps me reach people with a message if im just the guy thats always helping out, rather than the guy thats always preaching. I Would start in my community. Churches, After School programs, any sort of volunteer work that helps out the people immediately in your neighborhood has always lead to other and greater ways to help.

thats_hella_cool-1 karma

Good to hear that you got good news with regard to your charges! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I do have a couple questions, and totally understand if you can’t answer them right now. But I’ll post them anyway, in case once things clear up for you, you’ll be able to answer.

1.) What single piece of advice would you give to someone who is looking down the same path that you were that led to your initial incarceration?

2.) What do you think is the single best thing that can be done to “break the cycle” and improve outcomes for youth in similar predicaments of your own?

3.) I’m a 32 year old white guy who grew up in a stereotypical middle class suburb, but lived in the heart of Baltimore for 8 years and was there during the Freddie Gray protests and riots. One thing that “hit” me at that time was how segregated we still are today. I lived less than 2 miles from where most of the action took place, but had never been there and even had been warned to stay away from that area when I first moved to Baltimore because it was dangerous. Even though the words weren’t said, I remember the implication being it would be dangerous for me to go there more so because I’m white. Important note, this was a black neighbor who told me this when we were talking about places to go check out.

How do we get past that? It’s wild to me that it’s been 50-60 years since the civil rights movement and things haven’t gotten much better or even worse since then, at least when it comes to segregated and underserved areas.

4.) Did Epstein kill himself?

5.) What’s your favorite and least favorite food?

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  1. Great question, for real. Its extremely hard to answer too, bc If im talking to someone in that position, I know, generally, what there mind frame would be, and im just struggling with how I could convey to someone in that position that they are someone else's hustle. I know they want to get rich, because all that has ever been taught to them is the desire to have things, and the lack of a legitimate way to acquire those things. All the other stuff, the gang related lifestyle, the crime, it all results from that. I would encourage them to understand that there are people getting rich in the justice system, and that they were smart, intelligent kids, who could do real good in the world, if they only stepped outside of the paths that are so common to folks from bad backgrounds.

2.Education, Education, Education. Almost no one from my neighborhood is dumb. In fact, they are brilliant in lots of ways that never get noticed. If you educate about cause and effect, and basic logic, the hood would change overnight.

  1. I think this, and most problems, are only gonna be addressed with education. On both sides too. If white folks realized the redlining and segregation stuff, the hows and whys, along with black and brown folks, we would all sort of collectively realize we getting played. No one likes getting played. At that point we can start organizing.
  2. No idea.
  3. Ramen noodle prison spread the fav, and fuck pancakes.

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So you’re a criminal who is getting what he deserves? Love to see it. Another one off the streets. Black crime matters. Why is it always you criminals who defend other criminal trash? Never the law abiding citizens unless they have a criminal friend or family member.

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my whole life revolves around helping other people. If what i did at the age of 17 defines me for my whole life, so be it. But I will stand by my actions as just and in the spirit of those who have fought for equality since the beginning.

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You’ve been committing crimes throughout your entire life. That hasn’t stopped. You only help other criminals. You’re fighting a fictional battle against your own imagination. Your failures in life are all your own fault.

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I'm willing to consider the fact that my mind is making up battles. Thats why I look at data. I know my own perception is inherently flawed. I know there is a possibility I have constructed my entire worldview to cover my own failings. My conclusions have been based on examining these thoughts, as well as the data, then combining that with the human elements i can gleam from others in similar situations.

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