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JivePorpoise5 karma

Yo brother I appreciate you helping get the ranked choice vote in Maine. You've put work in for injustice all across America I hope you get the freedom you deserve. The federal government still hasn't labeled Antifa as a terrorist organization yet, despite what the president says. Are your new charges for some crazy conspiracy? No specifics if itl get you in trouble but like you went from what I'd call "aggrevated jaywalking" to them tryna say your in charge of an "Antifa cell" which isn't illegal until the feds recognize Antifa as a threat to national security which would be...ironic. Anyways I got a record too and want to be involved in politics. How did you start? Did your background affect you positively or negatively? Have you thought about attempting to gain some type of office why or why not?

JivePorpoise1 karma

Damn those charges seem weak hope the judge is understanding. Thanks for all the advice man. Good luck with the case man keep ya head up.