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FastWalkingShortGuy250 karma

How do you feel about people who draw the line at being in a relationship or having intercourse with those who have incurable STIs like herpes or HIV?

Do you feel they're intolerant, or that it is a reasonable personal preference to maintain a disease-free lifestyle?

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Okay, I understand your point, but approach it from the point of view of potentially making a permanent decision about your health in return for a likely temporary sexual arrangement.

Can you really argue that people who don't have incurable STIs are not safer partners?

It's not really like the cold or the flu, which are largely contracted by chance. Like, you don't accidentally fuck someone in the produce section at the supermarket and catch HPV, you know?

That's kind of a disingenuous analogy.

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Well, I mean, it's New Jersey, so take a wild guess.

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What did you think of the movie War Machine starring Brad Pitt?

It was obviously a comedy, but do you feel like there was some truth to its depiction of the US's approach to the conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq?

FastWalkingShortGuy21 karma

Do you have trouble discerning the directionality of sounds?

Like, if I hear a bird chirp in a tree, I can turn around and look directly at the bird because I heard where it was.

With significant hearing loss one on side, do you still have that ability?