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Favorite Davis restaurant?

Not Woodstock's? Ok, sushi boat place next door, lining up with the big boyes in stretchy pants on a Saturday morning.

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Why is your trail name Trauma?

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What is the FCC doing to encourage Low Power FM?

The point here is that these are often small local community broadcasters that are bullied in filings and dealings with the large conglomerates. (Religious mostly who access both the commercial spectrum and the "Left of the Dial")

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It sucks that you're getting brigaded and downvoted because any narrative that Floyd was anything but a criminal is attracting the racist on the internet Tucker sucking off Trump's tiny peener crowd. Your description of him complicates that because they don't want any coverage that he was a dad, friend, etc., ordinary stuff that makes him sympathetic.

Good luck, I did want to hear fun train hopping stories.

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Thanks for replying! And good luck with the legal issue, sometimes it's does work out.