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Hi, I have some questions. First of all, feel free not to answer the hard questions. I understand those things aren't easy to discuss.

  1. Do you have any feeling your new heart is not yours? Like a feeling of a foreign object.
  2. Some people believe a heart is where the soul is located. Did you observed any changes of your consciousness, memories or preferences?
  3. (Hard question) A life expectancy after a heart transplant is quite short. Do you really live your life to the fullest? Is there something meaningful what will remain after you?
  4. (Hard question) Healthy people take it for granted that they will wake up the next day. You're probably more aware of your own mortality than most of us. How do you cope with that? And did it change your point of view on life itself and the values that are really important?

I am sorry for all those grammatical mistakes I probably made. English is not my native language.

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In your experience is a classical music getting more or less popular?

Have you ever played music from movies, like Star Wars or Pirates of the Caribbean? If not, would you like to?

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Hi sir, I have some questions for you. I live in central Europe and English is not my native language. I understand why people currently protest in US, but there are some things, which amaze me.

  1. Do you think removing statues of slavers and in general people, who acted against black people will help? Wouldn't be better to keep them as a reminder? Maybe with some text explaining, who those people were in reality?
  2. What do you think about companies changing their logos? I read story about company, that had a black guy farmer in its logo. They changed the logo even that origin of their logo was based on friendship of the company founder and his black friend.
  3. What do you think about remaking movies and hiring a black actor/actress into main role? Wouldn't be better to have black actors/actresses in new movies?
  4. What do you think about white people dubbing other ethnic characters in movies / shows?

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Thank you for your answers.

1) This is a beautiful example of how people can change their opinion when they educate themselves. I didn't know anything about how and why those statues were erected.

3) I definitely agree, but why to remake something old when you can create something new. In my point of view it would be more authentic not just a copy.

4) To be honest, when I wrote that question I had The Simpsons in my mind :)

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I live in The Czech republic.

Protests in US are covered by our mass media mostly as a side news. Usual script goes like this: looting, buildings and cars on fire, shooting, Trump and police. People on the street don't talk about that at all. I think it's because not many black people live in my country. I personally never spoke with black person and nearest black person I've ever seen was about 600 feet away.

Edit: By side news I mean block of news covered within 30s without story. Just images and quick summary.