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And I should state not all that were met on those hot summer nights were bad... Some were good people who just enjoyed the lifestyle! Just got burned on so many occasions it is tough to not become leery

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Ok well at least you are self aware of the perception sorry for being rude haha. But yes we had to quit putting up flyers for shows cuz that's how they were finding out and just... Constant asking for cigs/beers, finding needles in the bushes afterwards, not leaving and begging to sleep on your couch with their dog, stealing if they felt you slighted them in the slightest. Just lot of issues came along with travelling folk.

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How much do your parents finance your life?

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Why do your need attention and people to tell you your good so bad?

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I used to live in a house that had shows and all the travelling folk that would show up were the literal worst people