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I've just finished reading Herman Wouk's history/novels of WW2 and it's still haunting me... do you feel the world has forgotten the lessons it should have learnt after that war?

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IDK about him (obviously) but I simply use Outlook, and at the end of December every year create a new .pst file for the next year's emails, and can rerference any of the previous year's emails now simply by laoding that year's .pst archive. I have them going back about 15 years now.

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How do/did you sort out visa requirements in advance? Some countries have time-limited visas (so you need to be very strict with your timetable to keep to them) and others only give them out in your home country - those that require both make life very difficult for such a long journey.

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Can we have our festival back?

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How many people claiming to be FE'ers really beleive it, and how many are just trolling?