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He was also a career criminal who brought misery into many peoples lives. His criminal record was extensive with some disgusting acts of violence towards women, these are just the crimes he was caught for, I'm pretty certain he wasn't caught for every single crime he committed either.

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He was a hero.in your community? Is that because of all his good deeds like holding guns to pregnant womans stomachs whilst robbing them or for selling drugs etc? I hope your son picks more suitable hero's to aspire to be like..

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It was totally wrong what happened to him at that point in his life at the hands of that police officer however I personally thing and I'm sure 99% of parents out there would agree that the second he put a gun to a pregnant womans stomach he should have been taken off this earth.

Someone who does an act like that does not deserve to have the word hero used in the same sentence as his name.

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He sung the boom box and kicked the fussball!! Then that woman should have been grateful he robbed her and put her and her babies life in danger, I hope she named the child George Jr....