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rukioish311 karma

Do you think the new pod detergents are helping to prevent little kids from consuming detergent? Or are kids still trying to chow down on the packets?

What do kids mostly eat that causes problems? Is it detergents? Or something else?

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Thanks for the info! Seems like the pods might not be very safe.

rukioish9 karma

Yeah I just buy liquid detergent for everything anyway, so I wanted to know if they were actually superior from a safety stand point. (I guess not! :) )

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I saw you post about a transplant, but have you considered or been considered for a fake heart? No idea how they work, but it would be kinda cool!

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Do you think the protests are helping/will work? I feel like the US has ADHD when it comes to "hot topics" and it's just a matter of time before interest in protests wanes and people start to forget.

Do you think there will be major societal take-aways for the US after the dust settles?