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Ok guys, I got some excellent news in court yesterday, that we may getting my state charges ( the one with the 25 to life enhancement on it) tossed out. Ive been advised by my lawyer that saying the wrong thing here right now could jeopardize that, So I may try to keep away from real specifics that could incriminate me, but outside of that, If you have any questions about the protest, or my previous history, or are interested in hopping freight trains, ask away! I will be around al morning :)

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There is a state criminal mischief case. Normally it would be a state jail felony. But because of my conviction at 17, they are Enhancing it, basically saying i am a career criminal and therefore should be sentenced accordingly.

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Singing Hobo.... One of the greatest joys in my life is getting to travel from city to city, and literally sing for my supper. Its part street theatre, part musical act. I have a laptop and ableton, and Ill play with some live loops. My good friend plays guitar, and Ill do harmony vocals and percussion stuff.

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There was a level of intimidation in my case that resulted from a video going viral, in which I was plainly visible in my overalls. I was arrested at the freeway entrance, and the entire time I was processing in the mobile processing unit, they kept coming up to me and telling me they were gonna put me under the jailhouse, things like that. The treatment in the Harris County Jail is never good, but I can't say that it was any worse because of me being a protester. Once I was released, however, there was a mental harassment that resulted from them following me around. They arrested me the second time for recording a bunch of our city busses that looked like they were being converted to a mobile paddy wagon. They said I failed to identify myself( although they never told me I was being detained, so I dont think I was required to). From this bogus arrest, they took me to the tenth floor of the Major crimes division, which was completely empty, and Kind of tried to scare me into talking. I can't overstate how scary it is to be in a place you know your not suppose to be, with the only "protectors" you have being the very violent men and women who I was originally protesting against. Outside of this tho, the only crazy thing was the third time I was arrested. Atleast 20 officers came in yelling with automatic weapons. They took me to an FBI building, no one would tell me what was going on, what I was charged with. That shit was pretty scary too.

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hahaha man it is very obvious you are not familiar with american law enforcement. The overall goal of any police interaction in america is to assert the Alpha male dominance first, then deal with whatever the situation is. It is the very psyche of LEO. Thanks for the well wishes, family.