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What’s the process between being initially approached for services by someone new and then the first meet with that person like? Such as... do you require pictures of the person beforehand? Arrangements for payment? If you travel to them, do you let a friend know where you’re going to be or leave any kind of bread trail behind just incase something goes wrong?

Also, have you ever been “catfished” by a client or later stiffed (financially speaking in this case) by a client?

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Thanks for answering! Stay safe during this hot mess we’re all in..

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Good to hear that you got good news with regard to your charges! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I do have a couple questions, and totally understand if you can’t answer them right now. But I’ll post them anyway, in case once things clear up for you, you’ll be able to answer.

1.) What single piece of advice would you give to someone who is looking down the same path that you were that led to your initial incarceration?

2.) What do you think is the single best thing that can be done to “break the cycle” and improve outcomes for youth in similar predicaments of your own?

3.) I’m a 32 year old white guy who grew up in a stereotypical middle class suburb, but lived in the heart of Baltimore for 8 years and was there during the Freddie Gray protests and riots. One thing that “hit” me at that time was how segregated we still are today. I lived less than 2 miles from where most of the action took place, but had never been there and even had been warned to stay away from that area when I first moved to Baltimore because it was dangerous. Even though the words weren’t said, I remember the implication being it would be dangerous for me to go there more so because I’m white. Important note, this was a black neighbor who told me this when we were talking about places to go check out.

How do we get past that? It’s wild to me that it’s been 50-60 years since the civil rights movement and things haven’t gotten much better or even worse since then, at least when it comes to segregated and underserved areas.

4.) Did Epstein kill himself?

5.) What’s your favorite and least favorite food?