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WinterText1413 karma

was all the preparation worth it? I mean, was it fun?

caseyr262256 karma

Oh it was amazing. There were people all lined up cheering you on taking photos videos little kids in apartments I couldn’t stop smiling kinda restored some faith in humanity at how nice these random people were

dinosaur_socks68 karma

I was one of those people lined up cheering you on!!

caseyr2647 karma

Thank you!

countershel774 karma

Blue Springs Missouri? How did you all raise money to attend?

caseyr261035 karma

Macy’s partially covered as they invited us we also had the school district help and we each had to pay 2500~ USD

ScrappleSandwiches151 karma

What? Why was it so expensive? I could plan a couple of days in NYC for myself for less than half of that. Was your hotel $500 a night or something? And your airfare $1000?

caseyr26257 karma

Were staying for 5 days

imLucki43 karma

Meals included I fucking hope

caseyr26108 karma

2 meals a day they let you explore around Times Square little Italy etc for lunch

LassieMcToodles20 karma

Did any of your families come along too? Like separately but you're meeting up?

caseyr2649 karma

No my family didn’t come it was simply to expensive

LassieMcToodles28 karma

Ah! They must miss you today but at the same time I'm sure it was really fun watching for you on tv! Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy NYC!!!

caseyr2633 karma

They do and so do I. Thank you mate

Lumber-Jacked70 karma

My wife was in the blue springs color guard back in the day and always says the Blue Springs band is one of the best marching bands out there. I think they went to Obamas inauguration when she was there. Or some other major event.

caseyr26115 karma

Yes we did inaugurate Obama this is our third Macy’s day parade we’ve also beaten broken arrow in grand nats a feat that few other band accomplish and we’ve marched in the tournament of roses parade

Decepticle_Ronnie20 karma

Say what now? I've travelled from Europe to NYC many times and stayed for more than a week each time in midtown and have never paid that much.

caseyr2652 karma

Broadway show, luxury meals etc. Drives it up

dahliasteiner623 karma

Did they give you a plan of action if you had to use the bathroom?

caseyr26692 karma

Nope. There was no where to go piss on the route if you wanted to go to the bathroom you just had to do it in your pants or wait

TheLicc350 karma

Did you bring enough money to get your fill of New York pizza for a while?

caseyr26685 karma

Man I’ve had so much Italian I’m seeing goombas

TheLicc125 karma

Hahahah nice. When I visited NYC for a band trip a while back, I spent something like $80 on just pizza. What instrument are you on?

caseyr26184 karma

Percussion though I marched the sign because front ensemble doesn’t march

TheLicc61 karma

Ah yup I know that feel. I did pit for drum corps so I always ended up doing the banner for parades as well.

caseyr2636 karma

What corps?

TheLicc31 karma

I marched vibes for Gold back in 2014. They're based in SoCal

caseyr2630 karma

Neat! Vibes are the best imo we can actually play chords and have them ring

TheLicc14 karma

Oh yeah they're definitely my favorite instrument to play for the same reasons. Unfortunately, in the pro percussion world there's more money with drumset gigs, so that's what I play more these days. I'm getting my own set of vibes for Xmas tho so hopefully I'll be playing them more often

caseyr266 karma

Might I recommend the YV-2700

InfinityX100018 karma

I like this kid

caseyr2621 karma


_Comic_1 karma

Momma mia

caseyr261 karma

Not a fan of that musical must be said

Mjb06333 karma

How many steps did you take?

caseyr26463 karma


kerm64254 karma

Less than I expected, but more than I'm willing to take today

caseyr26186 karma

I don’t know if I did my math right 2.5 miles is 4400 yards times (8/5 8 to 5 step sizes) is 7040

award07242 karma

Was it cold?

caseyr26366 karma

Once you started marching not really if you’ve ever played hockey it was like that. But waiting was really cold

Youareyou64223 karma

Do you get any water during the parade? Also, when you're done do you get to watch the rest of the parade, or do you have to do something else?

caseyr26307 karma

No we get no water. We took a photo in front of the national post office and left because we are so fucking tired (we woke up at 2:00)

1EspressoSip127 karma

What needed to be done so early? Or is it to get in line and wait?

caseyr26231 karma

NBC needs to get camera angles and closing down streets in NYC is hell during the day so it’s easiest at night

Jorgisimo62165 karma

I was just there for the first time ever! You did great! Also how does it work? Do you volunteer or do you need to be part of an organization that applies?

caseyr26159 karma

Macy’s hand selects the bands that go and Golden Regiment happened to be one of them

BuzzOnBuzzOff148 karma

Is that you I saw?

caseyr26154 karma


yosefzeev118 karma

What kind of direction to they give you for marching in the parade? Are there people at certain spots telling you to wait or go depending on what's happening further up?

caseyr26140 karma

We had 2 Macy’s people with us telling us what to do and we had the police telling us to move faster and where to go. We also had all our staff memebers with us

Jackens12106 karma

How is your band so amazing? Like seriously, getting anywhere near BA at a competition as a 3a school blows my mind

caseyr26156 karma

We beat broken arrow last year. If I told you how we were so good I’d have to kill you

sonny_boombatz60 karma

Win win for me. Tell your secrets

caseyr26170 karma

Band orgies

sonny_boombatz51 karma

Texas sized 10-4. Thank you for this information. How are you going to kill me

caseyr2677 karma

I think waterboarding whilst drawing and quartering but first you need to give you balls a tug tit fucker!

KarateKid1984104 karma

How strict are they on marching? Can you skip or leisurely stroll? Is power-walking frowned upon?

caseyr26201 karma

We had to march 8/5 steps all the way 7040 to be exact

KarateKid198477 karma

Next year be the rebel you were born to be. To hell with marching....moonwalk the whole route.

caseyr26168 karma

*Calendar: 2020 November 28th To do: 1. Moonwalk the parade 2. Get crucified by the band director

derricklh8839 karma

Dr. A would have your head.

caseyr2635 karma

Hey a fellow golden Regiment member when did you march?

EaterOfFood28 karma

That's not so bad. When I was in high school we had to march in the Fiesta Bowl parade. It was nearly 5 miles long. My trumpet weighed about 3 tons by the end; everyone felt bad for the low brass and percussion.

caseyr2631 karma

F thread for contras

xKenpachiPRx87 karma

What was your favorite float?

caseyr26156 karma

The Lego one.

Sk1tzo42084 karma

How much preperation goes into it that you were able to see? Like, is there someone always giving countdowns and producers running around all crazy like?

caseyr26122 karma

The rehearsal was pretty standard for marching band that being they put a lot of faith in you to just do your job. In other words they don’t micro manage like that

fidelkastro26 karma

What instrument do you play? How many numbers did you rehearse?

caseyr2673 karma

Our street show was about a minute long I think we totalled 270 hours of rehearsal this season and I play in the pit

missweach83 karma

Did you enjoy yourself? My step mom is a parade coordinator.

caseyr26115 karma

It was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done

Chocobo-kisses67 karma

Hey OP! I watched the parade this morning while dealing with an upper respiratory infection. It's a family tradition, so this is my way of bringing it home for the holidays Your school did great! The marching bands are one of my favorite things to see! What is one thing you would change about the parade if you were an organizer?

caseyr2696 karma

Sorry to hear that! Allow more time for marching bands and less for crappy little pop floats. If you watch marching band shows that is a whole lot more entertaining that a pop song that comes on the radio that’s lip synced. If you’d like I can pm you our show from this year and last year

Chocobo-kisses19 karma

It's okay. We delayed our Friendsgiving until Saturday morning. Did any of your family come out to support? And also yes please, to your marching videos! Congrats again! :)

caseyr2627 karma

No it was simply to expensive for them it cost 2500~ alone for me to go

Chocobo-kisses10 karma

Jesus. That's wildly expensive. At least it's a memorable trip that you'll have to remember for a long time! Something you can show your family someday.

caseyr2613 karma

Yep it is but it’s worth it

Unique_User_name_4266 karma

How nervous were you?

caseyr26169 karma

Not super nervous up until I went into the cbs broadcast area (the green area with the Macy’s star) because the float ahead of us was so loud we couldn’t hear the count off

StevenSanders9021062 karma

What time did you wake up this morning?

caseyr2693 karma


submittedanonymously23 karma

That rehearsal time sucks.

caseyr2622 karma

Yes yes it does

Jayremy71251 karma

Why did you do it?

caseyr26222 karma

Because I got to see Wicked in the process

R3PO_50 karma

Are your uniforms custom every year - or do you march that bright pink palette every year?

I loved your uniforms so much! I sent pics to all my band nerd friends. Y’all won best dressed marching band, imo. Nice job.

caseyr2676 karma

Our designer just trips acid and says I want that. But in all seriousness we used to march cavaliers esque uniforms now I see most of our uniforms being custom

CosmoKramer2847 karma

How big is your marching band?

caseyr26103 karma

250-300 and that is not all the people who try out that’s just those that get accepted

submittedanonymously43 karma

Hey bud, I marched in it in 2005 with Blue Springs. I saw the uniform change and damn, Dr. A’s truly going full Willy Wonka now, ain’t he?

I’ll give you a fun after-parade story from 2005. We got back to the hotel and were given a 6 hour nap time. My room didn’t want to, and we were right next door to Dr. A. So we built a small blanket and pillow fort to pass the time. Dr. A knocked on the door and came in to see it. He grabbed a pen and the notepad and wrote “No Girls Allowed.” And left.

Funniest diss ever.

Congratulations on your performance, I’m glad to see the band doing so well still.

If Mrs Evans is there, tell her hi!

caseyr2619 karma

She says Hi. Why yes it is now common to whisper under our breath ‘damn you imitation gene wilder’ every time he says one more time and lies or some thing like that. Hofmoi!

smithem19243 karma

Did you have Pokemon go going? Hatch the eggs?

caseyr2626 karma

Nope and nope

notelizabeth31 karma

Do they let horses march in that parade? If so how many horse turds did you step in with your nice dinkles?

caseyr2665 karma

Yes. All the horse shit was like horse sand by the time I got to it

DawgInMD12 karma

Was the sand all coarse, and rough, and irritating? Did it get everywhere?

caseyr2635 karma

Fucking like equine Tatooine

notelizabeth12 karma

Haha okay real question: what's your favorite piece of classical music y'all are playing this year? Any real bangers crop up in the marching band game since 10 years ago?

caseyr2626 karma

laughs in jazz We aren’t playing any classical this year we played blue rondo al a Turk, land of male believe in our competitive show and played soak up the sun for our street marching

megustakush31 karma

Why are you the way you are?

caseyr2648 karma

Because of a man named Clif Walker and The Madison Scouts

bibdrums31 karma

I was there, did you see me?

caseyr2642 karma

Maybe, I saw a lot of people.

MenShouldntHaveCats26 karma

What do they tell you to do in case one of the balloons gets swooped up by the wind?

caseyr2651 karma

We didn’t have a balloon so they told us nothing personally I think we should just surf

blackiechan9925 karma

blue springs, missouri right? you guys kick ass - i remember watching you guys at Grand Nats back when I did HS band

caseyr2615 karma

Yeah Missouri when did you march and if you want I can PM you the show.

ILikeYourPoetry24 karma

How do you get Santa Claus to participate each year? It’s a huge get.

caseyr2642 karma

I think Macy’s is paying the elves union for him

a_suggested_name24 karma

Oh shoot I’m doing that next year! I’m in the Centerville Jazz Band and I don’t know much about Blue Springs but I know a lot of other people really like Blue Springs. Didn’t you make finals at super regionals this year?

caseyr2618 karma

Yes twice once in St. Louis and once at indy we placed 2nd and 3rd respectively

SistahFuriosa23 karma

Is Santa Claus real?

caseyr2651 karma

Yes he is and he’s a wonderful person

djmandude51722 karma

What did you do in the parade?

caseyr2650 karma

I held a letter

CheezWaffies20 karma

When they have to pause the parade for a big song and dance number for TV, what does everyone do if they are behind that?

caseyr2629 karma

Wait silently. There’s a dead zone around 6~ blocks behind the staging area

Kneel_Legstrong19 karma

Would you watch it on TV if you weren't in it?

caseyr2635 karma

I mean we’d have it on but i don’t watch it a lot

Bird_is_gone18 karma

How did you get picked to march in the parade?

caseyr2648 karma

That’s above my pay grad sorry. All I know is that Macy’s invited us

yatub2162 karma

Hijacking your answer to say that the school applies to go to Macy’s, and then the parade organizers send out invitations from that list

Source: My HS marched in Macy’s last year, I was still there when the selection process was happening

caseyr2630 karma

Oh thanks mate! TIL

acadiatree17 karma

Oh, I was at a party in an apartment on the parade route and saw your group go by! QUESTION: We could tell there must have been someone super super famous on a floor above us because all the marchers would look up and start screaming and getting really really excited. It was at 72nd street, not that that probably means anything to you. Any idea who it was?

caseyr2612 karma

No idea 72nd street is still on center park west right? So still nice housing?

jeremysbrain12 karma

Do the celebrities ride on their float the entire route or do they jump on their float right before it arrives at Macy's?

caseyr2664 karma

Entire route although while waiting I won Rock Paper Scissors against miss America

Spacechordz11 karma

What happened to the Caviler style uniforms you used to wear?

caseyr2617 karma

Lindsey Vento is what happened. Personally I prefer old Madison Scouts uniforms tbh

armageddon_20xx10 karma

Was the wind a factor at all?

caseyr2615 karma

Not for us because we didn’t have Ballons and shit

Nevaehym9 karma

Do you just play the same thing throughout the whole 2.5 miles over and over?

caseyr2615 karma

Yeah there was a little staging area where NBC broadcasts where we played a 1 minute street show otherwise we just played the cadence and soak up the sun

sshadow229 karma

How true to reality are the cheers and applauses to each performance in front of Macy’s?

caseyr269 karma

It’s more of marching in the street than in front of the Macy’s store to be frankly honest the nbc show was just icing on the cake

CIeMs0n9 karma

Shit, you got a participation booklet? Back in 2004, all we got was a commercial that cut off our performance.

caseyr269 karma

We got a pin

edwardversaii6 karma

So does your band just show up and get in line? Do the different groups mingle at all?

caseyr2618 karma

We mingled with MLK marching band and I won Rock Paper Scissors against miss America

BioformJane5 karma

How do you feel about your uniforms? Those capes are awesome but I assume not everyone is a fan of hot pink.

caseyr268 karma

I love our uniforms the running joke is that our show designer just trips acid and she the designs our shows

Ice-Koob2 karma

how is da lucas oil stadium? my school is going to grand nats for the first time next year :D

caseyr262 karma

Lucas oil is gigantic I recommend when you get on the field don’t do anything and just look around and take it all in for a moment. See you there!

neuromorph2 karma

Oh shit that was today?

caseyr263 karma

Better than sex It’s exhilarating while it’s happening and once your done you go ‘oh fuck’ and fall asleep

megustakush2 karma

Why do you feel like this is a fun thing?

caseyr264 karma

Because band kids are crazy

es_price2 karma

How disappointed were you when you realized that Guy Fieri's restaurant had closed?

caseyr262 karma

I was devastated

blue-leeder2 karma

Do they hate on you and be jealous ness of your March ness?

caseyr263 karma

Who is they?

blue-leeder4 karma

Don’t ask me things only you can know

caseyr262 karma


Sigmar_Heldenhammer2 karma

Did you drink plenty of water?

caseyr265 karma

Hydrate or die-drate

Ilive4airtime2 karma

Hey I just wanna say that your schools colors were so cool. How did you get invited?

caseyr263 karma

Thanks! Our band applied and Macy’s invited us

Joliet_Jake_Blues2 karma


caseyr269 karma

Because I got to stay in New York for 5 days and see Wicked. It was a big vacation

californiaisbankrupt2 karma

What was the process like to be able to be in the parade? I always wondered how the marching bands were selected!

caseyr263 karma

Banda apply and Macy’s selects from that list

DesertJane2 karma

How does it feel to have completed the experience that you'll spend the rest of your life talking about to everyone else's annoyance and chagrin?

caseyr262 karma

When you say it like that I feel like I live on the upper east side

I-love-huskies1 karma

Do you believe that the balloons should have been up or no?

caseyr266 karma

I don’t think they should’ve been I saw how hard they struggled. Also we would’ve gotten more airtime if they were down

jsonitsac1 karma

On TV we only really get to see the part in front of the store. Are there other performance areas? If so how many?

caseyr261 karma

No but we do play while marching

Spiderbite4151 karma

Was it fun?

caseyr262 karma

Greatest thing I’ve done in my life

HouseStark11 karma

Did you have fun? Happy Thanksgiving!

caseyr263 karma

It was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done

Bdubs7470 karma


caseyr264 karma

Because it was a vacation in New York for 5 days

Bdubs747-3 karma

Idk if it’s cause I’m from up there or cause I think parades are dumb but why would you want to spend a day walking around with a giant balloon in high winds? So much better things to do.

caseyr263 karma

I walked around with a marching band... also there are literally millions of people cheering for you

51B0RG-4 karma

Which one?

caseyr2611 karma

The parade themed around the American holiday commonly known as thanksgiving that is sponsored by the Macy’s department store

necro_sodomi-19 karma

You marched in a parade, ok. Thank you. Aren't you with your family after the parade?

caseyr266 karma

No my family is all the way back in blue springs

isurvivedrabies-21 karma

is it as boring and uninteresting as it is on tv?

caseyr2615 karma

No it was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done