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My dad, who is a UPS driver always, and I mean always makes the joke that the arrow is how FedEx drivers tell the difference between the front and back of the truck.

Do you have any jokes about rival companies? Like for UPS you could be say "why would I trust a delivery guy with the word 'oops' written on his shirt?"

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My wife was in the blue springs color guard back in the day and always says the Blue Springs band is one of the best marching bands out there. I think they went to Obamas inauguration when she was there. Or some other major event.

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That is really messed up that someone you thought was a friend was that unstable. :(

I can't imagine going through that.

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I think interns are still level 1. They have a lot of grinding to do before leveling up.

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Sometimes Interns get a position and then their boss will hold their hand the entire time through the process and the Intern won't really be making their own decisions. It will be seen as a project that the intern helped on, but not as that interns project.

OP is saying that he was given projects and told to do them. He was likely given more freedom and didn't have his bosses telling him exactly how it should be done. This makes for a better learning experience for the intern.