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hahaha just like when you send an email at work with more than one question, you only get one answer back

what about the relationship with LEGO?!

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why do adult film actors pop up in reddit twice a week?

how does the porn industry contribute to society?

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man my area has an extreme bosnian population to the point that they became really resented. the huge influx of bosnian refugees were very "resourceful" to the point that they began taking a serious portion of public services like food pantries and it was unsustainable. i volunteered for the DEC to stock local rivers with trout and i remember a conversation where a guy pointed out the two bosnians that were volunteering and saying "theyre only here to know where we stock the river, they'll be fishing it out before the end of spring"

was your area as bitter about it all as mine?

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i saw a dude on the side of the road looking a little flustered that his ford model A wasnt running... he was on a cell phone which I thought was out of place considering the car he was driving.

whatever, i gave him a pass for that but as i approached to see if he needed help i also the lack of proper headgear, glanced in the car and didnt see a top hat sitting on the seat either... alright, now i'm getting pissed off, but i still offered him help.

asked for a ride back to his house which was just a few blocks away so i said okay sure, but if you don't have a cauldron of rustic stew simmering over a fire to share then that's the last straw

he said i should probably just move on, and i was happy to. fuckin poser.

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absolutely tasteless, you crossed the line here