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Was the choir for "Christ Cometh to my house" a choir you hired or was that just staff? How did no one crack up?

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Do they let horses march in that parade? If so how many horse turds did you step in with your nice dinkles?

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Haha okay real question: what's your favorite piece of classical music y'all are playing this year? Any real bangers crop up in the marching band game since 10 years ago?

notelizabeth2 karma

Seconded! I was a permanent tinderer with all my pals in my early 20s and we all hit ~30 and found long-term stuff.

(but also good job! Dating apps were my lifeblood at one point and I met my current BF online)

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As a failing stand-up comedian with a reasonable day job who Limo'd a crowd to a ditch once, I ask you: have you followed through on similar medium-budget stunts just for the story?