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Hey OP! I watched the parade this morning while dealing with an upper respiratory infection. It's a family tradition, so this is my way of bringing it home for the holidays Your school did great! The marching bands are one of my favorite things to see! What is one thing you would change about the parade if you were an organizer?

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It's okay. We delayed our Friendsgiving until Saturday morning. Did any of your family come out to support? And also yes please, to your marching videos! Congrats again! :)

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Jesus. That's wildly expensive. At least it's a memorable trip that you'll have to remember for a long time! Something you can show your family someday.

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What's your honest opinion on the Nintendo Switch allowing other developers' games on the Switch itself (i.e. Skyrim by Bethesda)? Do you think this detracts from the origins of Nintendo having proprietary software, or does it help them rise among the XBox One and PS4? (Personally, I love it except the multiplayer/co-op features on the Switch are lacking.)