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Hey bud, I marched in it in 2005 with Blue Springs. I saw the uniform change and damn, Dr. A’s truly going full Willy Wonka now, ain’t he?

I’ll give you a fun after-parade story from 2005. We got back to the hotel and were given a 6 hour nap time. My room didn’t want to, and we were right next door to Dr. A. So we built a small blanket and pillow fort to pass the time. Dr. A knocked on the door and came in to see it. He grabbed a pen and the notepad and wrote “No Girls Allowed.” And left.

Funniest diss ever.

Congratulations on your performance, I’m glad to see the band doing so well still.

If Mrs Evans is there, tell her hi!

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That rehearsal time sucks.

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I really like your app and would continue to use it except for one major thing: the documents and data storage gets astronomical in such a short amount of time. I'm on a 6+ 16gb and using your app I would regularly get the "storage almost full" alert anytime I tried to download a 50mb podcast or take a photo. When I would check storage, Narwhal was the culprit ranging from 1-2gb every time after maybe a month of use. I would delete and reinstall it for a quick fix, but in no time at all its storage would build back up insanely fast. I checked around to see if there was an internal settings fix but couldn't find one. I finally had to switch to a different app, which is a shame because I absolutely love your interface and the transition from Alien Blue to you was super easy.

Since Apple is pretty much a dick in regard to being able to manage the "documents and data" sections of individual apps, I would simply request of you to see if there's a fix for this because I honestly would love to go back to it. Antenna is alright, but it's just not as good as Narwhal.

As for a real question, one of the things I loved about Alien Blue was the simple in-app reader for documents so I could actually read the reported piece without having to fully click into the article, only to be blocked by an ad trying to sell me a subscription. (Looking at you WaPo/Forbes) Is there any discussion among you that this type of feature could be implemented in Narwhal?