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There is a lot of nuance being glazed over from this strictly billing point of view of OP’s. No one is going to argue that the way we pay for medicine in the US is good or even OK. That’s because it’s a garbage payment system. But there are some benefits to nonprofit medicine.

From someone on the medical side, what sets nonprofits apart is that they are usually willing to innovate more and take more risks in the pursuit of improving patient outcomes. Yes, it’s hard to do when we’re just like every other hospital trying to maximize profits - but that’s one difference.

Also they often have teaching missions. Those trainees aren’t meant to be extra consult-calling, money-making rackets. They’re meant to train the next generation of providers to be as proficient as possible while leaning next to mentors who are already experts.

Also, nonprofits often act as safety nets for the uninsured and serve those patients that other systems tend to want to avoid.

There is some good in this system if you look for it. It’s not all a flaming pile of garbage.

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Are your uniforms custom every year - or do you march that bright pink palette every year?

I loved your uniforms so much! I sent pics to all my band nerd friends. Y’all won best dressed marching band, imo. Nice job.