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I had some incidents were people were really angry at us, yelled at us and even sometimes got physical. But nowadays it's very rare. I've heard that back in the day it wasn't very uncommon for JWs to get beat up while preaching.

I've gotten very aggressive with one within the last few months. He rang my buzzer and since the audio quality is poor and my Danish is poor, I didn't understand exactly what he wanted. I let him in to find out. He turned out to be a witness. As soon as I saw the magazine, I said I wasn't interested and went to close the door. He asked why not and I said I was an atheist and he was wasting his time. He asked me if I really didn't believe in God and I said no and went to close the door again. He said 'wait, let me just ask you this: you believe that someone built this building we're in. It can't exist on its own, so who created the planet we're on'. My answer was 'mate, honestly, fuck off. I'm not interested'. After I closed the door, the fucker knocked on my door. Then again. Then again. I was not at all polite when I opened it again. Pushy bastard.

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I honestly don't think he got the reference. If I'm right, I think it explains a lot about the quality of the Simpsons these days. If I'm wrong and that answer was supposed to be witty, I think that it explains a lot about the quality of the Simpsons these days.

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In a poor country like the Philippines, those things go a long, long way with gaining the trust of the people and it is easy to see why membership is growing so fast in some areas like this.

Which is exactly why they would spend the money to help. It's not charity to them, it's an investment.

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Same thing in my local McDonalds. The machine for milkshakes was always "broken". I think I got less than 10 in the years it was open. It's closed now.

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Hold on. For one thing, you didn't say why the driver started shouting when you gave the address and you don't explain why the driver and your girlfriend both got out of the car. There's a lot of information missing overall here. Also, why did you go into the driver seat area when the engine was running?

You pushed him. You grabbed his phone off him and threw it away. You told him "I could kill you". To me, it doesn't sound like you're completely innocent at all here.

Edit: So, as the person below me linked the court documents, it gives way more information. He was standing out in the middle of the road to hail the cab, which is stupid. The reason the whole thing started was because the taxi driver didn't want to take them to the location they asked for and this guy refused to get out of the cab.

I suggest everyone read the court documents that were linked. The story given in there makes way more sense and is way more believable. I don't believe for one second that OP isn't guilty and it seems the courts agreed. I'm sorry for this, I really am, but the court documents paint a perfect picture of a gung-ho, drunk American, ex-forces idiot who thinks he is above other people and should get what he wants. Sorry, OP, I think you're guilty based on the court evidence and think your post is full of shit.

Edit: As suggested below, here's a link to court documents in question. I hope the uploader doesn't mind me sharing them again: