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What kind of direction to they give you for marching in the parade? Are there people at certain spots telling you to wait or go depending on what's happening further up?

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Nah. I'll just find the info I am interested in from another source. Thanks anyway.

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So I am interested in the "long term storage aspect" of this project. What, exactly is stored? Data? Light from the collisions? How does the triggering go about being "triggered"?

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I actually remember much of this, as there was a program called Channel 1 that reported on it that was piped to our school every morning. The idea was that world events would be digested in a news program for youthful people. I remember seeing the reporting on this, but being confused by the whys and hows. I think there is some sort of "violence filter" I learned to put on when it came to world events since they always seemed to be happening. I am still somewhat confused by the chain of events that led up to this event. Was this really a religion issue, or was it an issue that had deeper roots before religion ever entered into the equation? What happened from your perspective?

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Is there any evidence of Epstein being a follower of some manner of Nazi ideology? I get that he was working with the Mosad, but some of his ideas sound very much like Nazi eugenics.