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Question, in the book "The Picture of Dorian Gray” it is revealed at the end that Dorian stays young forever, as his picture ages. Eventually he looks at his aged picture, and he then ages and dies.

Is there a chance we can use this against hurricane Dorian? Have you tried showing it an aged picture of itself?

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Alright Sam, IF that is your real name, here's a question I've got:

In a very special episode of Full House, which included guest star Kirk Cameron, there's a conversation between Kirk (his character's name is Steve) and DJ where she's asking him if he wants to hang out. At first she says "how about tomorrow" but sadly, he's busy, to which she replies "then how about tomorrow?" and at this point we find out he's free.

My question is this, do you think they should have fired the continuity expert who overlooked this clearly obvious mistake, OR do you think this was something writers got wrong and should have been looking out for? I don't know what to think and frankly I'm tired of obsessing over it.

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You win this round, Gordon.