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So, you know how for example Blizzard has a statue of an Orc at their head office, Games Workshop has a Space Marine, you know, their most known creations. Does Microsoft have anything like that? I mean, I know you probably have a lot of windows, but, maybe a statue of Clippy?

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Did you get a copy of Skyrim with the rest of your payment?

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Hi, so, in my line of work I see a lot of corporate people who subscribe to the whole life/career coach thing; they go to seminars, buy the books, post quotes and videos on LinkedIn, etc, but in reality they still run their end of the business like sociopaths. What do you do to make sure what you're trying to teach people goes beyond just an outward facade to project to potential recruiters and bosses, and instead make it something that the person actually adapts to their position and life?

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A family member of mine buys into literally every single vaccine conspiracy theory, I'm not exaggerating. She is also elderly and lives a very at risk lifestyle. How would you convince someone like that to get vaccinated?

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In water or out?