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TheLicc350 karma

Did you bring enough money to get your fill of New York pizza for a while?

TheLicc125 karma

Hahahah nice. When I visited NYC for a band trip a while back, I spent something like $80 on just pizza. What instrument are you on?

TheLicc61 karma

Ah yup I know that feel. I did pit for drum corps so I always ended up doing the banner for parades as well.

TheLicc31 karma

I marched vibes for Gold back in 2014. They're based in SoCal

TheLicc14 karma

Oh yeah they're definitely my favorite instrument to play for the same reasons. Unfortunately, in the pro percussion world there's more money with drumset gigs, so that's what I play more these days. I'm getting my own set of vibes for Xmas tho so hopefully I'll be playing them more often