The answer to the obvious question : My teeth started to die and decay due to severe vitamin and nutritional deficiencies.

After spending over 30k in veneers and crowns between the age of 17-22 to no avail, I had all my teeth cut out and got a full set of dentures when i turned 23

Ask me anything!


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Why dentures instead of dental implants?

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Dentures cost about $2k CAD for both uppers and lowers.

Dental implants cost $40-60k CAD for both uppers and lowers.

This is why getting a full set of implants is often called “getting a Mercedes in my mouth”.

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My mother took this route with hers, and now has metal embedded in her jaw from a "recommended surgeon" in Mexico that no one in the US will touch. I wish she wouldve done more research like your mother did

skepticalrick1 karma

Why do you AND your mom have dentures?

CakesAndBrakes6 karma

I have a swallowing disorder which made me nutritionally deficient, my mom grew up very low income with little to no dental care and smoked and drank coffee her entire life, resulting in stained crooked, missing teeth.

She got dentures after I did and she saw how happy I was having beautiful white teeth

thatisahugepileofshi1 karma

what's wrong with coffee?

CakesAndBrakes2 karma

coffee is great, but if you drink it black for 40 years it will stain your teeth

LilHomieDonkeyDick1 karma

Yea, but no dentist would ever suggest getting dentures because of staining. It would be a non factor.

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Well no dentist really recommend dentures in general either because then they don't make anymore money off you LOL

Those were her reasons for getting dentures. 3 dentists didn't want me to get dentures either but, here we are :) happy as a clam

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When you're young and your teeth are removed, your jaw bone deteriorates at a high rate over time, so to get implants early slows deterioration, but you would still need to have them removed, a bone graft put in, and then the implants put in again when you were older. Implants are also QUITE expensive

I have considered them for when i am in my late 40s or so, but i dont feel like they would benefit me much more than my current pop-outs

DangerousDetlef15 karma

I literally had a root canal treatment an hour ago (had a fractured tooth years ago) and curse human teeth for being so seemingly fragile. Guess you got the worst end of it. I was thinking that it probably would be best to get them all out and get a set of dentures for the rest of my life and not have to worry about it any longer.

What are the disadvantages of having a denture? How do they affect your day to day life? Do other people notice them?

(Of course, I don't really think about getting dentures but you never know.)

CakesAndBrakes26 karma

Its hard to eat any meat that requires some tearing, because you are relying on the pressure for your jaw bone and not teeth rooted into it to separate sinew and such.

Most people notice that I have nice teeth, but ironically, i find that only other denture wearers notice they might be dentures as well as I feel like I can point out a denture wearer more than someone who doesnt have dentures

Day to day they are amazing to be honest. After years of tooth pain and infections its so refreshing to just brush your teeth and pop them in! I tell people its kinda like shoes. You dont REALLY notice them, but at the end of the day its nice to take them off haha
You do have to be careful when sneezing, or vomiting though, the force of either can make them shoot right out, and its not a good time

Long term, because I got them done so young, I will need a bone graft because my jaw bone will have retracted so much , which is unfortunate, but the pros FAR outweigh the cons!

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Did you know that up until a generation or two ago people in Europe got their grill yanked out around 16-18, or for a marriage present?

Apparently it was all the rage and showed you were hot shit.

Probably because otherwise their teeth rotted out of their head, but kind of an interesting thing I learned on reddit.

CakesAndBrakes2 karma

I actually didnt know that. That sounds terrible. I would not want to have my teeth yanked out while being awake.

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Why did you have severe vitamin and nutritional deficiencies?

CakesAndBrakes19 karma

I have a really odd swallowing disorder with my esophagus I developed in my teens so it inhibits what I can eat (which is a whole other post in itself)

Advo96-6 karma

And you couldn't take vitamins in any form?

CakesAndBrakes9 karma

I could, did, and still do, but the best way for you body to receive vitamins is through natural means, within food, especially your teeth, and by the time I realizes how bad they were , it was pretty much to late to save them

_loathed10 karma

How does it effect your dating life?

CakesAndBrakes16 karma

I usually tell people second or third date, I have never had an issue with anyone being uncomfortable with it. All partners that Ive had have told me eventually they barely notice if I have them in or not, no issues kissing me without them etc. Its been pleasant

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Okay sorry in advance but in feedback on blow jobs?

CakesAndBrakes2 karma

This was one of the first questions actually, I address that above

_Addicted_2_Reddit_7 karma

Almost 32 and had them just almost a year now. Most of my teeth were pulled in different stages of my 20s except the last 14 teeth last year. Are my dentures ever going to fit better the more my gums continue to settle or do you think about a year later im about done? I cant tell if I should get another dentist or believe with more settling and re-lines it really will get better. Only have had 1 reline at about 7 months and they got a little better but I rarely wear my bottoms. And I NEVER eat with either unless it's out to eat, and still have to think about what im ordering and if its softer or not but even then, sometimes I sneak them out and pop them back in as soon as I finish eating. Im so glad I'm not in pain anymore but God I feel like I was naive about dentures. Does everyone struggle in the begining or does it sound like I'm having a little more of a rough time then I should be after a year? Thanks!

CakesAndBrakes11 karma

EVERYONE struggles in the beginning and everyone is different. my mother got dentures after I did and she has had a more challenging experience than I did at first.

Your dentures will fit better with every adjustment and reline. The first 2 years are when we all have the most adjustments and relines, which is why a lot of dentists offer the first 2 free. As I have had mine for so many years, I make small adjustments with my dremel (VERY SMALL) whenever I have something rubbing or something is too tight.

Def keep eating with them in, you have to toughten up your gum tissue and muscles so even though thats uncomfortable, its SUPER important. It def gets better over time and you will come to think of it as the best decision ever I promise!

lafrisbee7 karma

So There is only one really good question... Details on how you can utilize your condition when giving both guys and girls?

CakesAndBrakes14 karma

"Gummys" as most of us in the denture community refer to them, are very well received by guys (and girls i hear) as you can make pressure with your gum line without skin breakage or harm.

Though you could potentially keep them in while doing so, because acrylic teeth are not nearly as sharp as organic teeth, its my understanding all denture wearers remove them not only for the comfort of their partner, but also, cleaning ejaculate out of the crevices on the inside of a denture would probably be a turn off haha

lafrisbee-16 karma

Dang you are blessed...and cursed!?
So have a swallowing disorder and you can munch down on a cock like you're a bionic vagina? How does that work?

CakesAndBrakes4 karma

munch down isnt the word i would use. I dont know any woman who can swallow an entire penis like solid food. But they might exist!

ThonyGreen6 karma

I worry about my teeth a lot too. It sucks losing them. I think once u have all teeth out it changes u a lot, pain goes away and insecurity changes.

As someone with many cavities since teen age I wish we grew teeth 3 times in our lifetime instead of twice. Getting new teeth at age of 25-30 would be amazing.

PS. U holding dentures is not a “proof” lol. Showing your mouth with and without is.

CakesAndBrakes7 karma

I def recommend it !! I am SO much more confident now

As for facial proof, i doubt someone would spend 8k on a set of dentures to make a post on reddit lol So you may have to just take my word on that XD

adeiner3 karma

Do you still have to brush your teeth or do you just take them out at night? Can you eat food like apples and corn on the cob?

Side note glad you're happy and doing better with your new teeth!

CakesAndBrakes5 karma

You have to brush them and your gums every morning and night because you still develop plaque and germs just like regular teeth, and they adhere better when they are clean.

You can eat apples pretty well, but corn on the cob is less messy when you just cut it off lol With dentures it tends to smear across your face because you have to ATTACK it haha

BadRabiesJudger3 karma

I’ve seen various dentists and I’m up to four root canals and need another 4. Not to mention like six cavities and a tooth that literally split in half. Can’t afford to get them capped after paying the deductible just for the root canal itself.

Was it your choice to do veneers and implants first or theirs? How do you get someone to actually listen to you? Mine keep saying I’m too young for dentures but they fail to realize I can’t keep giving them fistfuls of cash. I feel like I’d rather have them yanked at this point instead of maxing out my insurance every start of the year and riding out the rest in pain. Dentures eventually being the end game.

CakesAndBrakes5 karma

It took 3 dentists and a LOT of me standing my ground to get someone to listen to me.

Most dentists want to save your teeth, and rightfully so, but for me, I applied for Carecredit, and make some consults with local dentists in my area where I found my dentist , and after some talks about the care, dangers, future with bone grafts etc, She eventually saw it my way and we set it up!

I got my surgery done at a dental college to save money, which was a smooth experience, and the cost of that plus the full set was 9k , i spend about 1k every 2 years getting them fitted and adjusted as my mouth changes

4d3r4111 karma

How does your mouth change? What do they do to adjust them

CakesAndBrakes1 karma

You develop bone loss in your upper and lower jaw bone, so the denture will slide down and start to cut into your cheeks, or it could be loose. When that happens you get a "reline" which is where they add additional material to the inside of your denture to make it fit better and then trim the edges

charmaee1 karma

I constantly asked my boyfriend if he'd still love me if I had dentures LOL. He said yes every time. My teeth have rotted and fallen out due to my carelessness from my childhood. They were trying to get me to get implants but there was no way I could afford it on my salary/pay it off in a resonable time. They said I was too young (25) to get a partial or that bridges is not a long term solution and tried to talk me out of. I opted to get a few bridges done all to the upper teeth. How come the implants didn't for you?

CakesAndBrakes4 karma

I mentioned the implants above. They push implants because it prevents jaw bone loss over time, but also, because they are stupid expensive. To me, dont feel that the implants are necessary and if you have regular dentures, you can get implants any time so its always an option

Never forget that you are in charge of your own body and health. If you want to have dentures, there will be a dentist to work with you. Its the best thing I ever did for myself.

Pien851 karma

I'm going to have all of my upper teeth pulled out soon, so my only question is, how much did it hurt when the sedative stopped working? And how did it feel when they put them in for the first time?

CakesAndBrakes2 karma

Are you getting them Pulled? or cut out? With mine, I had mine cut out while under sedation.

To answer both. (my mother had hers pulled) having them pulled is quite a bit more painful because your literally PULLING them from your jaw bone, there tends to be a lot more bruising and swelling. When they are first put in, its a TIGHT fit , your mouth will feel fat, its hard to talk and the teeth look HUGE

I had minimal bruising and swelling since mine were cut out.

The day after is rough regardless but salt water rinses are your friend!

Pien851 karma

Thanks for answering me btw! Got any words of encouragement for me?

CakesAndBrakes3 karma

Of course! Always happy to help.

It IS really scary at first, and the chewing part is hard as you build up your gum tissue strength, but those teeth are going to make you feel 90 million times better.

Also, chilis has some BOMB chicken enchilada soup. Add a little water to it and run it through a wire strainer. Filling and delicious

Pien851 karma

No chilis in the Netherlands unfortunately, sounds great tho

CakesAndBrakes2 karma

awe dang :( well, salty soups with a dairy base will be your friend

Pimplicate1 karma

Was there a breaking point when you decided to stop trying to save your natural teeth and go the denture route?

Asking as a person that is close to giving up on partials and tons of expensive crowns and constant pain, do you have any regrets about pulling the trigger?

CakesAndBrakes4 karma

When i kept spending money, taking off work, being sore and having toothaches to have a "mediocre" smile. After years of that, I finally gave up.

Intially after the extractions, when I looked like a chipmunk and dentures looked HUGE in my mouth I thought, oh no, what did i do, but 2 weeks later I was sippin soup and getting compliments on my smile everywhere and Ive never felt better

I honestly recommend it to everyone who has had constant tooth issues. I never have tooth pain, i dont have to floss, I can get my teeth polished, and I can pick the shade of whiteness, its amazing and totally worth it

Third-Time-Lucky1 karma

Have you had the same set for the past 10 years? Is there a way you counteract the slightly "hollow cheeked" look that dentures seem to give older people?

CakesAndBrakes7 karma

I have! They dont recommend that typically but I keep mine in good shape.

If I dont have my teeth in, the shape of my mouth is very narrow, and so is my jawline, but you get the hollow cheeked look mostly from loss of bone. Older people have already had bone loss, because they are older, and when you tie that in with no teeth to save the jaw bone from loss, they end up with a severe look

I actually run errands, get coffee etc without my teeth in a lot and if I dont talk I dont think anyone would know I am toothless

paternoster1 karma

Can you and do you floss that set of pearly whites?

CakesAndBrakes5 karma

You cannot! and I am SO glad LOL you just give em a scrub, and pop em in

DietyBeta1 karma

It seems silly to ask because I'm fairly ignorant on this topic, but have you have accidents in front of people where they pop out or something of the sort?

CakesAndBrakes4 karma

Sneezing, laughing too hard, and vomiting are all a crapshoot on whether or not they stay in my mouth LOL I have had to catch them a time or 2 in these years mostly by covering my mouth IMMEDIATELY

I_Dont_Run1 karma

So, one question, blowjobs do you do them with or without the dentures?

CakesAndBrakes1 karma

I address this above actually. Its called a "gummy"

clink_1821 karma

How did you afford it? I don’t have insurance that covers dental and my wife of 23 has a similar issue with her teeth.

CakesAndBrakes2 karma

Carecredit! I had JUSSTTT enough credit to get approved and they had a 0% interest option for a year. Took about 3 for me to pay it off

Jumlee771 karma

Do you get asked to do weird requests?

CakesAndBrakes6 karma

No, but I have offered to take them out and show my friends' kids "what would happen" if they eat too much candy at halloween and dont brush their teeth XD

eionmac1 karma

Do you chew with your dentures in or out?

CakesAndBrakes2 karma

I prefer to eat without them if I can but when I'm in public I have no choice lol

flame-of-music1 karma

Sorry about the strange question but do you brush with them in or out?

Also, you said you can't floss so can you describe how you typically clean them? Do you put them in solution and go to bed like in the movies?

CakesAndBrakes1 karma

Not strange at all! So with dentures the main part you're really focusing on getting clean is the inside of the denture that suctions to your gums. So you always remove your dentures when you're cleaning them.

You have a special toothbrush sometimes but i like to use a regular one because denture toothbrushes are very large. so at night I take them out I give them a scrub do the inside and the outside and then I have a cup of water that I put them in. You can do a cleaning solution every night however, I only do that maybe once every two weeks because I clean mine so well every day.

KrisBkh1 karma

Do you give your best blow job with or without teeth?

CakesAndBrakes1 karma

In my case and a lot of others, the teeth don't have a lot of spacing between the top and bottom. So with teeth isn't possible

Tired82811 karma

What kinda shape are they in after 10 years? How much longer do you expect them to last you for? I got mine about five years ago and I notice they are already starting to wear.

CakesAndBrakes2 karma

They are the ones in the proof pic. They'll probably last another 3 before I get them replaced. I don't keep them in at home much so I don't get as much wear as some people

I really like the lab who made mine, they did great. That makes a huge difference too

Tired82811 karma

How is the wear on the molars, like where you chew?

CakesAndBrakes2 karma

Not too bad but I also don't grind a lot of red meat, which I find is the hardest to chew and break up

Tired82812 karma

Good to know. I'm (probably inordinately) worried about how mine will wear. I don't eat a lot of red meat, either, maybe twice a month, so hopefully that helps. I have one spot on my lowers that really worries me, you can see the light shine through it really easy so it can't be all that thick.

CakesAndBrakes2 karma

I have some thin spots on mine too

Tired82811 karma

If you feel like it, please post another AMA when you get them replaced. I'd be really interested to know what the procedure is like for that.

CakesAndBrakes2 karma


StillBarelyHoldingOn1 karma

My mother went the opposite route and started with dentures and after getting an inheritance she got full dental implants. They cost her a pretty $76k USD. She said she was tired of not being able to eat so many different foods, she went for it. (I don't blame her) but as for myself, I am 31 and starting to lose my own teeth. I'll probably be getting dentures myself in the near future. Is it true that you taste things less with dentures? My mom said you actually use your top pallet to taste and since dentures cover the roof of your mouth, you ultimately taste less of your food. Are there food you have to avoid? Or food you should only eat? Another thing she said, but I didn't really notice, was that dentures push your lips out further than your natural teeth. Was this true for you? And do you know if it's the same for everyone? Do you ever worry about your dentures slipping when you eat or, most worrisome to me, when you talk? How effective are the adhesives out there? Another thing, are you, or do you ever feel embarrassed about them?

CakesAndBrakes1 karma

You do taste things less I will admit. I have a higher tolerance to spicier foods now but when i eat at home I will take them out to get " full flavor" if i can lol

I avoid anything that has seeds, or things with corn meal. I dont eat a lot of strawberries and such because of it , they get between your denture and gums and are super uncomfortable.

My dentures fit well so I dont fel like they push out my lips, if they are doing that then they arent adjusted properly, your dentures should fit like a well fitting pair of shoes..for your mouth haha So that hasnt been true for me. I would def recommend your mom mention that to her dentist as well so when she gets a reline they can take care of that for her

I dont worry about them slipping when i talk or eat mostly because people are not staring at my mouth when im talking, but at first i was SUPER self conscious people would notice. Now, im pretty open about it and most people are always like " i thought your teeth were super nice"

Its not an easy choice, but for me, and most people i know, it was the best one for self esteem, mental health and health in general as numerous tooth infections can lead to long term issues.

Jeshays0 karma

Does having dentures effect oral sex?

CakesAndBrakes1 karma

I address this question above :)

redpillered0 karma

Do you have a boyfriend and if so does he enjoy your gums?

CakesAndBrakes1 karma

I do ! and he does, hes very accepting

Magameme0 karma

What caused the nutritional deficiencies? If you don't mind me asking.

CakesAndBrakes2 karma

I have a really odd swallowing disorder with my esophagus I developed in my teens so it inhibits what I can eat (which is a whole other post in itself)

choosetango-13 karma

How do you get to 22 years old with such a bad diet that your teeth fall out? What the hell were your parents feeding you? Spoonful's of sugar?

CakesAndBrakes6 karma

I address that above, moreso a lack of vitamins related to a swallowing disorder, as opposed to a decay due to an overage of sugar content