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Almost 32 and had them just almost a year now. Most of my teeth were pulled in different stages of my 20s except the last 14 teeth last year. Are my dentures ever going to fit better the more my gums continue to settle or do you think about a year later im about done? I cant tell if I should get another dentist or believe with more settling and re-lines it really will get better. Only have had 1 reline at about 7 months and they got a little better but I rarely wear my bottoms. And I NEVER eat with either unless it's out to eat, and still have to think about what im ordering and if its softer or not but even then, sometimes I sneak them out and pop them back in as soon as I finish eating. Im so glad I'm not in pain anymore but God I feel like I was naive about dentures. Does everyone struggle in the begining or does it sound like I'm having a little more of a rough time then I should be after a year? Thanks!