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>I’m a 36- year-old mother of two children, and a mental health/addiction recovery specialist, who previously worked as a legislative coordinator and human rights lobbyist

So your two biggest reasons you would be good at this job is, 1. Because your a mother, and 2. because you used to work as a lobbyist?

While I don't side with republicans on much, these are not two good reasons to vote for you. Hell, one of them half the population on the planet can do.

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This seems a little much, he left 5 years ago, that gave him two full years to find someone and knock her up, which as I recall isn't that hard to do.

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health/addiction recovery specialist

What does this add to her resume for the position she is applying for?

legislative coordinator bit

I will give you that one. That seems like it might be a little bit useful.

So one out of three.

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Your skinny, what do you eat?

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When you were an atheist what was your best argument against the belief in gods?