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Its hard to eat any meat that requires some tearing, because you are relying on the pressure for your jaw bone and not teeth rooted into it to separate sinew and such.

Most people notice that I have nice teeth, but ironically, i find that only other denture wearers notice they might be dentures as well as I feel like I can point out a denture wearer more than someone who doesnt have dentures

Day to day they are amazing to be honest. After years of tooth pain and infections its so refreshing to just brush your teeth and pop them in! I tell people its kinda like shoes. You dont REALLY notice them, but at the end of the day its nice to take them off haha
You do have to be careful when sneezing, or vomiting though, the force of either can make them shoot right out, and its not a good time

Long term, because I got them done so young, I will need a bone graft because my jaw bone will have retracted so much , which is unfortunate, but the pros FAR outweigh the cons!

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I have a really odd swallowing disorder with my esophagus I developed in my teens so it inhibits what I can eat (which is a whole other post in itself)

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I usually tell people second or third date, I have never had an issue with anyone being uncomfortable with it. All partners that Ive had have told me eventually they barely notice if I have them in or not, no issues kissing me without them etc. Its been pleasant

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When you're young and your teeth are removed, your jaw bone deteriorates at a high rate over time, so to get implants early slows deterioration, but you would still need to have them removed, a bone graft put in, and then the implants put in again when you were older. Implants are also QUITE expensive

I have considered them for when i am in my late 40s or so, but i dont feel like they would benefit me much more than my current pop-outs

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"Gummys" as most of us in the denture community refer to them, are very well received by guys (and girls i hear) as you can make pressure with your gum line without skin breakage or harm.

Though you could potentially keep them in while doing so, because acrylic teeth are not nearly as sharp as organic teeth, its my understanding all denture wearers remove them not only for the comfort of their partner, but also, cleaning ejaculate out of the crevices on the inside of a denture would probably be a turn off haha