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Ideology and doctrine always shatter on the hard truths of reality and the real world. How can they possibly reply when any answer will expose the hypocritical philosophy that underpins their actions?

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Dentures cost about $2k CAD for both uppers and lowers.

Dental implants cost $40-60k CAD for both uppers and lowers.

This is why getting a full set of implants is often called “getting a Mercedes in my mouth”.

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I am a “traditional” North American Liberal myself (NOT a leftist!!) and a variation of your question is always the first thing I reach for. The rule of law is critically important for the stability of any society, and should not be excepted for every bleeding-heart case. In fact, exceptions should be vanishingly rare, and only in the case of highly unusual extenuating circumstances (such as political/religious persecution).

Essentially, if you break the law you should accept the consequences. If you don’t want to suffer the consequences, don’t break the law!!

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Make that two trips to SA. Once the implants go in there is a ≈3mo healing period after which they get torqued to see if they healed and locked into the bones correctly. So unless you have a 3+ mo vacay, you’re going back there twice.

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Smoked weed three times in my life, never did anything else; still, I have to agree with every fucking point you made. Every. Single. One.

The only thing prohibition ever did was help the politicians and the criminals. But I repeat myself.