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lafrisbee7 karma

So There is only one really good question... Details on how you can utilize your condition when giving oral..to both guys and girls?

lafrisbee-2 karma

let me clarify. The "munch down" occurs in the mouth that would be where you excel....but the swallowing disorder seems to be a struggle...at best.

I wonder if the "gummy" is just so damn good the guy forgets about anything else?

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I understand. You have to write about something.
But people are the problem.
So if you could wipe the Earth free of all the people from just one country to help with climate change which country would it be?

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Dang you are blessed...and cursed!?
So explain..you have a swallowing disorder and you can munch down on a cock like you're a bionic vagina? How does that work?