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I don't understand why it's so important to go to church every week. I believe in God, and I understand the importance of prayer, but it just seems like it's more about being seen to go to church than it is something that needs to be done for God. Plus it seems really insecure that God would absolutely need everyone to get together, every single week, just to praise Him. What is it that I'm not understanding?

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I am unconvinced by your proof. Can you snore today's date for us, so we know it's really you?

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How can we get this information to the politicians who constantly lie on this topic, and claim every joint is a lethal fentanyl missile? I remember you guys had to contradict former Premier Christy Clark just before the election, and I've heard the same lie parroted by other politicos since. Lying about drugs, from a position of authority, is horrific policy, because you can only cry wolf so many times till nobody believes you even when you are speaking true, and when a kid tries a joint and doesn't die instantly from fentanyl, he might think "well, maybe they lied about that heroin stuff, too".

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Are you not concerned that, now that you have a book that claims to "understand" Reddit, that we'll all just change how we do things out of spite? It seems like the sort of thing we'd do.

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Upvoted for Star Trek. 2024's not that far off, don't let them make Sanctuary Districts here.