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Where you fully awake or in a dream-like state all or some of the time? I cannot imagine how torturously it has to be to be immobilized but fully conscious.

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> Even if it is successful, it’s not like we have a stockpile of HIV drugs ready to go for an unexpected extra 60,000+ patients, so that probably won’t be a viable solution to this outbreak in the short term.

I’m pretty sure the pharmaceutical industry has sufficient stockpiles to easily treat an additional 100k patients. At least in high-margin medicines (which is what all patent-protected HIV drugs are), the pharmaceutical industry tends to work with a glutted supply chain, not with anything resembling a “just in time” model. There’s something on the order of 2 million HIV patients living in the US and the EU alone. Medicating an additional 5% of that number will not be an issue. At least in the short term. It would become an issue in a few months if the epidemic shuts down the API production in China for any extended period of time.

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And you couldn't take vitamins in any form?