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Victims don't move around when they are unconcious and bleeding out.

Easy needle prick.

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Bumb fuck bly - ish oregon also had "terrorists planning to set up a camp." Circa 2006 or so.

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You probably don't dye your lungs though.

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Sorry. If your children were abducted from you by their crazy mother when they are sub 5 years old, have been gone for year(s), AND have facial deformities from explosives.

Hit the rest button and make some new kids from a non crazy lady.

The medical and psychological costs alone would be worth.

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Did you know that up until a generation or two ago people in Europe got their grill yanked out around 16-18, or for a marriage present?

Apparently it was all the rage and showed you were hot shit.

Probably because otherwise their teeth rotted out of their head, but kind of an interesting thing I learned on reddit.