So I’ve been working here for about a year now and it has never been this busy here since this location that I work at’s grand opening. This whole chicken sandwich fiasco is nuts!


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holydragonnall4257 karma

How come some locations will give me 4-5 tenders when I order a 3 tender meal, but other locations give me three tiny little dingus strips that look like they might have fallen off the actual tenders into the basket?

BaxterFax3958 karma

Probably depends on how the worker is feeling.

squid50s1803 karma

Can you explain what the whole Popeyes chicken sandwich thing that’s happening right now is? I heard something is going on, but I don’t really know what it is.

BaxterFax2396 karma

There was an online poll for who had the best chicken sandwich and it went viral. There’s lots of memes and posts about Popeyes which drove our business through the goddamn wall.

squid50s867 karma

That’s really interesting. Would you say Popeyes has the best chicken sandwich?

BaxterFax1615 karma

To be real, yes I do.

Pacifist_Socialist620 karma

Better than Chick-fil-A*??

BaxterFax1235 karma

I like it more

jpaxonreyes1184 karma

Do you get sick of fried chicken? I personally think fried chicken is the best food in the world, but I'd be scared to run a fried chicken shop for fear of getting sick of it (or start hating the smell).

BaxterFax1674 karma

Yes, when I’m not at work I avoid chicken any chance I get.

Bammerice927 karma

What's the nastiest thing you've seen an employee at Popeyes do?

BaxterFax1570 karma

Scratch his head then handle cooked chicken that just came up with his bare hands, he wasn’t at Popeyes very long.

Bammerice1175 karma

Not gonna lie, that was not as bad as I was expecting

BaxterFax1163 karma

If it helps this dude had some greasy ass hair.

WheresTheWasabi792 karma

Are there any interesting things you create that isn't on the menu?

When I worked at Popeyes a long time ago, I would always eat a Po-boy but replaced the lettuce with cole slaw and blackened tenders instead of regular tenders.

BaxterFax918 karma

Fried pickles or fried jalapeños, so good

xxraizen126 karma

If a customer asked for one of those would you oblige?

BaxterFax479 karma

Sorry to disappoint but def not

kenvsryu648 karma

busier on sundays when cfl is closed?

BaxterFax673 karma

Yeah we def get pretty busy on Sunday’s. Weekends are the worst.

maintenance_tales547 karma

What's your favorite chicken sandwitch?

Also, the red beans and rice are pretty decent for fast food right? I always have to add them to my meal

BaxterFax959 karma

My favorite has to be a mcchicken, can’t beat the situations where your almost broke but the dollar menu saves your ass.

And I’m not a fan of the red beans personally but I know a lot of people who really like them.

maintenance_tales131 karma

True. I eat a lot of mcchickens to save money

Have you ever had a hot n spicy mcchicken? not available everywhere

i think its better

BaxterFax149 karma

I have not, but I get the mcchickens with Big Mac sauce on them.

ZoFarZoGood5 karma

Ok what's your favorite, price not an issue.

BaxterFax28 karma

Spicy Popeyes chicken sandwich, as much as I hate what it’s caused, it’s a pretty damn good sandwich.

maintenance_tales6 karma

I'm gonna have to try it. Is the patty similar to the strips? I like the strips but they don't strike me as a sandwitch friendly batter.

BaxterFax19 karma

It is not, we actually use different batter for the filets than for the tenders.

fauntle529 karma

How you holding up?

BaxterFax1314 karma

Well I just worked 6 days in a row with some pretty long shifts. But I’m off the next 2 days. I’m just happy I can rest and chill now for a sec.

zseitz465 karma

Is it just my location or have all of them gotten rid of the po boy? This is vital information.

BaxterFax377 karma

All of them

TheINTL462 karma

When will Popeyes go to war with Chickfila?

Last I heard they were going to mount a surprise attack. Think it was operation running chicken.

BaxterFax571 karma

There’s already a war, wish it was over, our lines are backed up from open to close. And if there’s a suprise attack I haven’t been told yet, hopefully we don’t have a trick up our sleeve.

Mitosis73 karma

I'm amazed you still have chicken sandwich stock, my local shop ran out like 5 days ago

BaxterFax122 karma

We barely do, our general manager always winds up bringing more supplies to keep the sandwiches going.

inuvash255377 karma

Does Popeye's fry the chicken with the fish? I'm allergic to fish, and have been meaning to call the one near me to ask.

Disclaimer: I realize the location near me isn't yours, I just wanna know what to expect.

BaxterFax617 karma

Our location doesn’t have fish, but the friers have a button for it, it’s a totally different frier than the chicken one. I would still call to make sure tho.

Cowsleep358 karma

Was this your actual training video?

BaxterFax212 karma

Accurate lhh

notonmyswatch343 karma

How’s your managment team handling all of this? Are they freaking out or taking it in stride?

BaxterFax683 karma

Very stressful because people started going crazy for sandwiches out of nowhere so they’ve had to find the best methods of getting people in and out. I would say our managers are doing a very decent job right now tho.

iANDR0ID325 karma

Tell me what I did to win the Popeyes fucking lottery. This literally happened about 4 hours ago. I went to Popeye's drive thru and ordered a #5 (spicy) with fries and coke. That's a 3 tender meal with one side. I received one box of fries that would have been enough for the whole family as well as about 15 tenders and a side of mashed potatoes. Such a good deal for only $7. Is Popeye's always like that? I don't eat there often.

BaxterFax475 karma

They were probably scrambling from making so many sandwiches that they switched your order with someone elses

yaboihenry5678203 karma

What is the best side dish?

BaxterFax424 karma

Cajun Fries or the Mash taters

BurgerPleaseYT181 karma

What's your favorite burger joint?

BaxterFax376 karma

Steak n Shake

WzDson163 karma

Is the chicken sandwich new or just got popular recently? Abd also is it worth the hype?

BaxterFax331 karma

Not worth waiting in line for, go back and get it when the hype goes down unless you really want to try it.

RealTravyMil154 karma

How long have y’all had the sandwich? I thought it was brand new.

BaxterFax187 karma

A month or two

RealTravyMil75 karma

Is there a sandwich limit a customer can order?

BaxterFax124 karma

No, people can get as many as they want

hanton44147 karma

Opinions on Bojangles?

And what has been your craziest customer experience in regards to the chicken sandwich?

Finally, what do you get paid? Exploring fast food jobs and wondering which pays best.

BaxterFax301 karma

Haven’t had Bojangles, I live in Missouri.

Today there was a fight in our drive thru because we ran out of regular chicken and this lady was holding up the line because she was yelling at our workers. Some dude in line gets out of his car and starts screaming at her and they go into an arguing match. We threatened to call the police and it chilled out pretty quick.

Can’t say my pay but it’s better than a lot of other fast food places.

knotquiteawake134 karma

Because of this post I now want to try a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. How does it feel to be a corporate shill?

BaxterFax207 karma

Pretty good, be ready to wait in line tho, people ain’t playin around with these sandwiches

Spinager32 karma

I didnt know what i was getting myself into. Went in a couple days ago. Big drive thru line. Big crowd indoors. No line. Just people waiting. I ordered my spicy sandwich, and sat down. Then i overhear an idividual say they have been waiting an hour.

Thats when i figured out i was in it for the long run. Sandwich was delicious. But not worth the 45 minute wait. I'll deintly get it again once it dies down for sure. Unless they figure out a way to get people in and out.

BaxterFax30 karma

Forsure not worth waiting right now, sorry about that but we get them out as fast as we can

vladandfury96 karma

Why is there only 2 of y’all(employees) during lunch and dinner hour?

BaxterFax159 karma

I’m gonna guess lots of people called off work

scuba_tron88 karma

I just moved to Kentucky and the main chicken place here is Raising Cane’s, have you ever had that?

BaxterFax264 karma

Raising canes is amazing! I’ll still eat there, double Texas toast no coleslaw extra Cain’s sauce

Xl_cookie87 karma

Man I’m hungry. Can I get a #5?

BaxterFax242 karma

I don’t work customer service

the-tyrannosaur86 karma

How come Popeye's always seem to run out of chicken? Like, not just the sandwich, and not just now while it's a meme, but ALWAYS.

I don't go to Popeye's often, but about half the the time I do, the second I get to the counter they just tell me flatly they are out of chicken.

No other fast food chain seems to struggle with this issue?

BaxterFax128 karma

We have to make it fresh and it takes a while, if it gets really busy and there’s not enough prepped chicken or workers I wouldn’t be surprised. Our store doesn’t really have this problem tho.

triceracrops82 karma

I just grub hubed a chicken sandwich, and I got a call back that they are out till next month. This is not a joke. What gives? And yes this is my actual question.

BaxterFax164 karma

The bread company can’t keep up with how many sandwiches we’ve sold

Robofrosty73 karma

Where do you work?

BaxterFax227 karma


Theladyofshallotss70 karma

How many biscuits have you eaten in one sitting?

BaxterFax99 karma


DrHivesPHD60 karma

Have you guys ever considered a spinach side dish?

Edit: oh hey thanks for the silver random person!

My first one!

BaxterFax67 karma

Unfortunately don’t have the inside info on new food that comes out, I’m not sure but that sounds like it could be good.

Zulfus58 karma

In America on holiday with my girlfriend, want to hit up a Popeyes’s. What do you recommend?

BaxterFax207 karma

Spicy chicken sandwich

DrDizzle9354 karma

Favorite Nickelback song?

BaxterFax159 karma

Photograph, that’s the only one I know and it’s due to memes smh

KhaosElement54 karma

Why do they say "spicy" tenders? Genuinely can't tell the difference between them and the normal ones. Any like, code word I can use to get them to dump that spice on like I'll die without it?

BaxterFax64 karma

Sorry there is not because the spicy seasoning is used on the chicken before it’s cooked. I like our spicy tenders but I would agree with you, they could be spicier.

_Than0s52 karma

Ever run out of the chicken sandwiches?

BaxterFax69 karma

A lot

aquadraco2145 karma

How does it feel to work at the superior chicken establishment?

BaxterFax98 karma


TheMaskedHamster43 karma

So, Popeye's is my favorite restaurant. Hands-down. But everywhere I've been, it's super-inconsistent. Sometimes that chicken's delicious, sometimes it's... less so.

I can't seem to pinpoint why. Is there a certain time of day I need to buy chicken to make sure it's crispy and golden brown, and not hard and leather brown? I'm always going to enjoy it, but I'd like to bring some foreign friends to experience Popeye's and I'm afraid of them getting a sub-par experience.

BaxterFax58 karma

Come when it opens or around 2pm or 5pm I would say. When it opens because we start cooking fresh chicken for the beginning of the day and the other times are usually busy so we keep dropping fresh fresh chicken

Mtrebor12342 karma

What is your favorite chicken meal at popeyes?

What is your favorite side dish there?

What is your favorite dessert?

BaxterFax59 karma

Spicy tenders, but I like the popcorn shrimp more

Side dish would be Cajun fries

And dessert would be fried Oreos or the strawberry cream pie when they were available

grumpyolddude40 karma

Why do I get questioned when I order two spicy chicken breasts with no sides at the drive thru? I always get something like "Baby - Thats gonna be high" (expensive) and it comes out to like $4 and some change. It's happened to me at multiple stores. Do other people complain or something?

BaxterFax74 karma

Lots of people complain

Greel8937 karma

This is crazy. I didn't really know this was going on until I went to Popeyes over the weekend for some chicken strips. When I got there the building was practically wallpapered with flyers saying the chicken sandwich was sold out. That was when I learned I was apparently missing out. So my question is, is the sandwich worth the hype?

BaxterFax45 karma

No, get it when it dies down. It’s really good but not worth waiting a long time for.

tuscabam32 karma

Where the hell did boss sauce go? God I loved that stuff

BaxterFax43 karma

I’m not aware of a boss sauce but that sounds pretty fire, my fav sauce is the sweet heat.

AidilAfham4231 karma

Are the mashed potatoes real potatoes?

BaxterFax76 karma

They’re powder

Yours_and_mind_balls24 karma

Those little chicken, bean and rice tacos are da bombo. Do you like them too???

BaxterFax35 karma

We don’t have tacos? Unless your location does which sounds cool

Yours_and_mind_balls26 karma

So they are the spicy strips wrapped in a tortilla with yalls red beans and rice. Amazing.

BaxterFax30 karma

That sounds good, we don’t have that at our store tho.

holydragonnall24 karma

What’s the least favorite dipping sauce in your experience? I always get buffalo and sometimes they get a look on their face like no one has ever asked for it before.

BaxterFax38 karma

To be real I like all our sauces, I’d say my least favorite is our buttermilk ranch. Our blackened ranch and Cajun ranch are pretty good tho

JonNYBlazinAzN16 karma

Did Popeye's offer a chicken sandwich before the current one that everyone's going nuts for? I haven't been to Popeye's in a while, but I remember that they always had a fried chicken sandwich, as well as some other sandwiches (e.g. the shrimp po'boy).

BaxterFax30 karma

They had the po boy before the current chicken sandwich

I_AM_PLUNGER15 karma

My wife waited almost 40 minutes for the sandwich today, and honestly it was ok. Definitely not worth the hype, but had there been no hype, it’s a great sandwich. There was only two people working the shop she went to.

Has anyone quit because of the new stress and business?

BaxterFax17 karma

Not at our store but I wouldn’t be surprised

bimboSwaggins80513 karma

The Popeyes down the street from me always seemed slow. I often wondered why it was even still open. I think it’s the only Popeyes in my county. Ever since this chicken sandwich deal, oooohhh boy. That drive through line looks like a In & Out line. Has Popeyes always served that chicken sandwich?

BaxterFax30 karma

We introduced it a couple months ago but this online thing really took it to the next level at our stores, hope the hype dies down quick, tired of all these people tbh

Darkagent19013 karma

Any menu hack tips you can give?

BaxterFax37 karma

Order stuff a special way and it will probably be made fresh. Not much to mess with on our menu. You can kinda customize how you want stuff such as gravy on Cajun rice, or something like that.

plankzorz11 karma

We don't have popeyes in England, at least as far as I've seen. How much is it like KFC?

BaxterFax45 karma

Way better quality, KFC is garbage where I’m at

CXK9 karma

What do you guys do when someone asks to wait for fresh chicken? My wife hates the stuff that’s been sitting around. I always worry...

BaxterFax13 karma

We just deal with it and cook it, yeah we hate it but it’s whatever

Not_Sure118 karma

When the hell are yall going to stock up on chicken sandwiches?? Me and my gf probably checked out at least 6-7 locations and all of them are sold out!

BaxterFax10 karma


Dreamtrain3 karma

its ALWAYS sold out, what do I do?

BaxterFax5 karma

Come in the morning

Zithero3 karma

I just swung over to a place and folks were going crazy for the Sandwich, which they were out of, and walking out like y'all ain't got no other food there!

Does that agitate you? (I too was there for the sandwich but got a Surf n' Turf Combo instead because your food is the literal bomb)

BaxterFax10 karma

Def not, I wish most of the customers would leave haha

oscillating_vent3 karma

Chick-Fil-A is better, right?

BaxterFax65 karma

Yes, everyone should go there instead of Popeyes, please.

UncleDan20172 karma

When did the chicken sandwich first come out?

BaxterFax3 karma

I think a couple months ago

markboston292 karma

Ever had sex at work?

BaxterFax36 karma

No that would be pretty greasy

AdlPadl9701 karma

Of course everybody knows that eating spinach will make you strong, but do your muscles puff out like the original Popeye when you eat the spinach? Do you have access to any special spinaches?

BaxterFax3 karma

We don’t have spinach, sorry sir

Aximill1 karma

Anyone ask for something off "the secret menu"?

BaxterFax6 karma

I’m not aware of a secret menu

mega5121 karma

Why is Popeyes so ghetto? Everyone I've been to is like a stereotype gone wild.

BaxterFax1 karma

because the customers are even more ghetto

Coast_watcher1 karma

Why is there always a friggin long line at the counter lately ? Even an hour past the lunch or dinner rush, there's still a bunch of people. it's turned me away to go somewhere else sometimes.

BaxterFax5 karma

Because of the sandwiches and the hype around them

[deleted]1 karma


BaxterFax3 karma

tree fiddy

Partysnaxthegreat1 karma

Why do you work at Popeyes?

BaxterFax8 karma

My friend works here, and I like free food

Obandigo-8 karma

Why is Popeyes service so shitty?

BaxterFax19 karma

Why are the customers so bitchy?

pick-axis3 karma

Make him go prep a bunch of pans of spicy. Shit burns

BaxterFax3 karma

Prepping chicken freezes my hands, that shit cold