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I didnt know what i was getting myself into. Went in a couple days ago. Big drive thru line. Big crowd indoors. No line. Just people waiting. I ordered my spicy sandwich, and sat down. Then i overhear an idividual say they have been waiting an hour.

Thats when i figured out i was in it for the long run. Sandwich was delicious. But not worth the 45 minute wait. I'll deintly get it again once it dies down for sure. Unless they figure out a way to get people in and out.

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I would think so. it seems like any other farm work. Looks to me that they are not sugarcoating the potential experience one may go through. If the reasons you want to get in to it out weigh the possible negatives, then one would go forward with it.

To me it looks like they are weeding out the ones that would not stick around. Which is good imo.

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