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I just grub hubed a chicken sandwich, and I got a call back that they are out till next month. This is not a joke. What gives? And yes this is my actual question.

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You're trying to tell me the video of a go pro falling from a fuckin plane and not breaking isn't you favorite? This video should be considered the best go pro commercial ever! https://youtu.be/QrxPuk0JefA

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I didn't at all expect an answer. I expected even less a logical one. Thank you this actually makes sense.

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I'm proud that you actually answered this question.

Now stop ignoring my spicy chicken question. I'll find your personal cell phone and call you daily.

Jk but seriously answer my question.

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In America, yes. 5 motorcycle cops sitting in a line and pulling over anyone 2 miles over the speed limit, is a racket. Some places in the us have unrealistic outdated speed limits and zero entrapment laws.