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Why do I get questioned when I order two spicy chicken breasts with no sides at the drive thru? I always get something like "Baby - Thats gonna be high" (expensive) and it comes out to like $4 and some change. It's happened to me at multiple stores. Do other people complain or something?

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Apparently you didn't own any Washington Mutual stock.

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The Lafayette Parish School Board recently entertained bids from a number of competitors and ultimately switched from LUS to another provider. Do these competing organizations all have the same fiber infrastructure in the area or do they lease capacity from LUS? Can LUS compete against these other providers successfully?

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LUS doesn't provide connectivity to Lafayette public schools, but it was described to me that with LUS the schools had varying levels of connectivity up to 100MB to the main system office and the office had 200MB to the Internet. All Internet traffic when through the main office where it was firewalled/filtered at a single point.