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This is crazy. I didn't really know this was going on until I went to Popeyes over the weekend for some chicken strips. When I got there the building was practically wallpapered with flyers saying the chicken sandwich was sold out. That was when I learned I was apparently missing out. So my question is, is the sandwich worth the hype?

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Do you think there are other "superhuman" abilities that you can learn to control that people are unaware of? Or any that you know that others possess?

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Hey Henry! Over the years I've heard you talk about weight loss here and there... any advice on the matter? I was able to lose 60 lbs over a year or so but I had a rough couple of years and... what can I say when I'm sad I love to stuff my face! So I put a lot of it back on. Would appreciate your input, hail satan.

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I'm not Alexis but coming from personal experience, I was a little nervous about it my first time too. I just went to my local wal-mart later in the evening and used the self-checkout.

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Thank you, appreciate your input.