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Does Popeye's fry the chicken with the fish? I'm allergic to fish, and have been meaning to call the one near me to ask.

Disclaimer: I realize the location near me isn't yours, I just wanna know what to expect.

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Cool, you're giving me hope!

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Honestly, I think a lot of the Carole stuff is framed in a way that nakes her seem a lot more suspect than it really is.

Like, how many times did we see her menacingly, disturbingly riding a bicycle... like a murderer would do?

Honestly, stuff like the sardine oil comment read like dark humor to me. After being accused of being a murder for so long, by someone as nutty as Joe Exotic, after all the death threats and the hiring of a hitman... like... you've gotta cope somehow.

But sure, it looks very scary juxtaposed next to information about her husband's disappearance and some killer bike riding.

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I played a lot of low-level 4e, and read a lot of char-op guides (RIP on those), and... honestly... if you weren't min-maxing even a little bit, you were behind the curve.

To add to that, accuracy was always better than damage.

Don't even get me started on Feat Taxes. No matter how you slice or dice it, everyone having access to "+1 to Hit" and "+1 to Saves" each tier made it so everyone had to get it, otherwise you were losing 5-15% of your ability to hit or dodge.

I'm so glad 5e had bounded accuracy so this crap doesn't happen anymore.

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Don't be filmed in slow motion while smiling, I guess.