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Does Popeye's fry the chicken with the fish? I'm allergic to fish, and have been meaning to call the one near me to ask.

Disclaimer: I realize the location near me isn't yours, I just wanna know what to expect.

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Cool, you're giving me hope!

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I played a lot of low-level 4e, and read a lot of char-op guides (RIP on those), and... honestly... if you weren't min-maxing even a little bit, you were behind the curve.

To add to that, accuracy was always better than damage.

Don't even get me started on Feat Taxes. No matter how you slice or dice it, everyone having access to "+1 to Hit" and "+1 to Saves" each tier made it so everyone had to get it, otherwise you were losing 5-15% of your ability to hit or dodge.

I'm so glad 5e had bounded accuracy so this crap doesn't happen anymore.

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xe and such

My personal deal with them is that x's are used very rarely in the English language, and even less as their Z-sound. Similarly, v's and z's aren't very common letters.

Other ones only seem to apply on paper (hir vs. her).

They/Their/Them, I think, is the most natural-sounding set, followed by the one where you just drop the first couple of letter (Ey, Eir, Em).

You're right though- I think a lot of trans/queer people do get that it's a little out of the ordinary for some people, and it takes some getting used to- despite the vocal minority that angrily says the opposite.

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There was also something of an attitude against custom content due to "balance", at least in most games I've tried playing 4e in.

As someone who disliked 4e custom stuff, let me tell you- balance is kind of a big deal when the entire system leans on combat. Really stupid, little things can add up to huge power shifts in 4e, and relatively untested 4e content could easily synchronize with the wrong thing and make a character totally overpowered (or worse, waste everyone's time and make you underpowered).

Because of the huge extent of 4e stuff and the crunchiness of the system, it's way way easier just to reflavor your power and change a damage type than it is to make new stuff.

edit: a word was missing, lol