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Tell me what I did to win the Popeyes fucking lottery. This literally happened about 4 hours ago. I went to Popeye's drive thru and ordered a #5 (spicy) with fries and coke. That's a 3 tender meal with one side. I received one box of fries that would have been enough for the whole family as well as about 15 tenders and a side of mashed potatoes. Such a good deal for only $7. Is Popeye's always like that? I don't eat there often.

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We found the 4chan guy

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My girlfriend is an LSSP and has done counselling sessions with several selective mutes. Most of them developed the mutism after a traumatic experience. Was there anything in your childhood that triggered the selective mutism or was it formed solely because of anxiety?

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Can you recommend a trustworthy online poker site to play in the US?