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Man, almond butter is amazing. You never realize that peanut butter is bitter until you taste almond butter. Mmm.

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You should totally do an AMA for the ones you can prove.

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So, Popeye's is my favorite restaurant. Hands-down. But everywhere I've been, it's super-inconsistent. Sometimes that chicken's delicious, sometimes it's... less so.

I can't seem to pinpoint why. Is there a certain time of day I need to buy chicken to make sure it's crispy and golden brown, and not hard and leather brown? I'm always going to enjoy it, but I'd like to bring some foreign friends to experience Popeye's and I'm afraid of them getting a sub-par experience.

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We do a lot of trial and error though, we've definitely lost bucket loads of money on events I've miscalled.

Is the loss that high? Certainly, booth fees, travel, and hotel expenses add up but they are typically aren't in the "bucket loads" range alone. What are the factors that turn a small loss into "bucket loads"? Or is this many small losses over time?

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If it's done right way, people are happier and more efficient at their work.


Yes, I benefit from a communal space sometimes. An open space? No way. Not even dead silent ones. There is one key factor that enables me 90% of the time I am working. It is PRIVACY.

I tried coffee shops and libraries. The only way I could be passingly comfortable in any place was to find an isolated corner, and it was a poor substitute.

I'm glad someone is helping make the open office more BEARABLE, but in no way will the open office ever make people like me happier or more efficient. And if it ever enables an open space when workers would have otherwise had the dignity of offices or cubes, then it is a net evil.