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I use to work 5 days a week and basically get paid for 36 hours, because where I worked they did not have a paid lunch. I didn't mind the 36 hours because the pay was good.

Where I work now I work 3 12s and have 4 days off, and get paid exactly what I was making at my old job, but I am so much happier. The work-life balance, to me, is the important factor. The job is much easier than the one I had last, but again it is the work- life balance that has made my life so much better. This is the only job I've had where I have said to myself. " I'm going to retire here"

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An AMA of that meeting would be awesome as well.

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Has he even answered a question? I can not find one that he has answered.

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Drifting a little away from the conversation. But I live on the Tennessee/Georgia line. Up until the early 2000's Georgias gas use to be much cheaper than Tennessee's. In fact, so much cheaper, that I would take a trip over the line to get gas in Georgia. Now Tennessee is cheaper and Georgia's gas prices have not went down in price since 2003. The second Gulf War was the supposed excuse for the price spike, but it has never went down since, so I do not see how that could be used as the excuse.

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How did it make you feel to see that Blizzard worked a Plants vs Zombies style minigame into World Of Warcraft?

I love the sunflower companion you get from it and how it randomly sings

There's a zombie on my lawn.