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Because of this post I now want to try a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. How does it feel to be a corporate shill?

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Having worked in a college campus dispatch center I kind of have a feel for what information you guys typically need. So when I call 911 I tend to word vomit "I am traveling on highway 190 west just past the firewheel exit and there is a tan Ford focus license plate alpha bravo charlie one two three that keeps departing it's lane I think they are driving g under the influence"... I do this thinking it will save time but they always reask all the questions anyways. It's really frustrating when I've just given all the information you need to get somebody dispatched and then have to spend two minutes playing 20 questions again

What is the fastest way to communicate this information?Should I not "volunteer" information? Sometimes I only get a glance at the license plate and I NEED to communicate it before I forget it.

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Kicking some Basse outside of skole

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Who is saving lives in the ER while you guys strike?