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How much puke?

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Why do they say "spicy" tenders? Genuinely can't tell the difference between them and the normal ones. Any like, code word I can use to get them to dump that spice on like I'll die without it?

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Well that's the most mind blowing thing I'll read all day. Thank you for the answer.

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This if going to sound like a smart ass question, but it's genuine. I see it a lot on indie games and board game. Does the whole "I quit my job, sold my house, lived in my shoe for three years and am finally releasing my game!" reddit title really help a ton? Like, is it a measurable impact?

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...I realize I'm setting myself up for "pick up a cube" but - How do you even get started into this world? Rubik's Cubes confuse me and make me feel like a caveman.