My short bio:

Hi, I’m the host of the Major Jobs Podcast, where I try to help teenagers like me discover different jobs.

In my last AMA, there was an overwhelming response to do more conventional jobs, so I did just that. I've gotten to talk to tradesmen, machinists, software engineers, attorneys, accountants, and more. I wanted to do a kinda updated AMA 4 months later so I could answer some more questions people had.

(below is copy and pasted from my previous ama) As a teen, I find it harder and harder to know what kinds of careers are out there and which ones I should do, and I feel like a lot of teenagers feel the same way. I wanted to try to do something to help, and started a podcast where I interview different people about their jobs to teach teenagers (and adults) about what it’s like being a particular career. I’ve interviewed amazing people, and love doing it.

Some (more famous) guests have included Grammy-winning band Portugal. the Man, language creator David J. Peterson, CONAN producer Aaron Bleyaert, and Inside the NBA Host Ernie Johnson, but I also talk to people with conventional jobs like tradesmen, accountants, dentists, and more.

Here's me getting featured on Spotify.

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And go on my website for new episodes and updates.

If you want to ask any questions, do so below and I’ll try to get to as many as possible!


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BrettAmbler781 karma

Hi Guys, Brett Ambler Aka The Kazoo Kid here.

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Teland at Major Jobs. He was a total pro with a set of questions that he asks of all his guests and then a separate set of questions that he specifically tailors for each individual guest. He’s insightful and a great listener. I say tune in because he’s only getting better and better at this.

My question for you: has anyone approached you about doing interviews on another platform? Or about doing work in broadcast? If not, where would you want to go from here?

majorjobs332 karma

awwww hi Brett! thanks for the kind words!

Nobody has really asked me to do things outside of the platform unfortunately, but I'd love to dabble in that field as well as the business field!

fasterthantrees44 karma

Call up Dave Ramsey's personality Anthony O'Neil. He helps kid prepare for after high school too. He'd love this and would love to have you on. They have a huge audience. Props!! Great jobs spreading valuable your peers and starting a career!!!!

majorjobs49 karma

He already did an episode with me :) Great minds think alike

renduh652 karma

Do you have any interest in interviewing a woman in a male-centric career? Lol

(I’m an appliance repair tech, and I’m the only woman in this position in the company I work for)

majorjobs447 karma

Definitely! Shoot me a PM and I'll be happy to talk!

FoxPee197 karma

I'd be happy to contribute as well, if you're interested in the perspective of someone who had 0 clue what to do after high school, eventually got a degree at 29 (and becoming a mom of 2 in the process), currently working as a federal contractor in tech. :)

majorjobs154 karma

Awesome! After my first AMA I got an overwhelming response so I made a spreadsheet of different requests. I'd be happy to input the ones from today as well!

calkel2450 karma

What jobs blew you away with how differently you first perceived it to be?

majorjobs591 karma

I think the language creator one was definitely something I never expected and was so amazed to see how it worked. David J. Peterson is a master of his craft and learning how Dothraki was made was such a treat.

ikinone195 karma

Is your aim to cover more extremely niche jobs, regular jobs, or both?

majorjobs177 karma


galactic_riffraff208 karma

As an adult I still find myself surprised and fascinated by the different jobs out there and what they really entail. What kind of insight have you gotten for your own career aspirations from your podcast?

majorjobs124 karma

I know that I want to go into the business field, but I also want to tinker into different fields of tech and broadcast.

DebunkedTheory51 karma

Do you not think that it would be best to go into business in a field you're interested in, rather than make your field the rather broad scope of 'business'?

majorjobs59 karma

That's what I thought as well. I've had some mentors say I'm better for the "Business Administration" field when I asked about Finance, but I guess I'll explore all the fields during college and find out which one will stick with me.

ifoundyourtoad56 karma

Just a little heads up, majoring in just business administration can sometimes hurt you. You can definitely do it but sometimes if you find a more specific job within business it can help you get higher paying jobs. Totally a suggestion, I decided to major in finance and loved it cause I like math.

You seem to have a great head on your shoulders.

majorjobs33 karma

Hm, what is your advice for someone like me? What are the pros and cons for majoring in business administration vs something more pinpointed like finance? I like both but I also need to make a decent amount of money as well.

Climbable_Fungus149 karma

Have you had the chance to speak with,or tried to get Mike Rowe on the podcast? Though his career path might now be the most straight forward, I think he's experience with so many jobs on the show "Dirty Jobs" and your voracious curiosity and insight from interviewing so many professionals could be a fascinating conversation to listen in on!

majorjobs120 karma

You're the second person to tell me! I tried to find a contact but had no luck unfortunately. I would love to have him on but can't find a way to do so :(

OIlberger89 karma

Mike Rowe has pretty much become a mouthpiece for the Koch bros., selling working-class people on conservative talking points. He actually speaks out against workplace safety regulations because good workers should look out for their own safety (seriously).

majorjobs10 karma

Oh, thanks for telling me. I hadn't done much research, but I'll do some more from now on.

NiueyueDuankuKoujiao78 karma

How did you go about establishing contact with a figure such a elevator Ernie?

Also do you know what you call a group of aged 24-33 white males? A podcast! So you’re definitely ahead of the curve. (I mean that all in a good way, get that media wave)

majorjobs63 karma

Contacting emails and hoping for a response. I can send fifty emails in a day and two can respond back, and sometimes I get lucky haha.

Edit: Grammar

NiueyueDuankuKoujiao21 karma

How wide of a net have you cast? Like the process of arranging an interview is just so intriguing

Edit: honored to be your first response!

majorjobs34 karma

I will literally interview anyone. Anyone, haha.

indianGOAT24 karma

Yes this is what I wanted to know as well! Did your podcast garner so much attention that some big names heard about you? Did you try to reach out to them directly? Ernie and the producer of Conan are no joke, and it’s really cool to see someone my age expanding their network like that!

majorjobs20 karma

I email a lot of people. Like a lot. Sometimes two hit in a pile of 50 that I send. I guess that's the way it goes haha.

Bugoongu67 karma

I want to say well done for this, you're making opportunities and options available that many of us didn't have at this point in our lives. Keep up the good work.

I guess my question would be, who are your dream guests? Do you have a bucket list of people you'd love to share their experiences with you?

majorjobs66 karma

I would love to be able to talk to people high up in the business field to learn how they climbed up the ladder. I would also love to talk to people who work for the government (Senators, Governors, etc.) to learn about that process and what it entails. I'd also like to talk to some more tradesmen (plumbers, painters, etc.) because I think it's a really interesting industry. As for unconventional jobs, maybe a professional athlete, because I want to learn more about what it takes to get there.

Edit: I thought about it a bit more and would also like to be able to talk to a big podcaster. People like Ethan Klein and Joe Rogan are the biggest interviewers out there, and I would want to tap into their brain and ask how they do it. I remember about three months ago I submitted a request to be on Joe's show, but instead of interviewing me I'd be interviewing him haha. I wanted to get into his mind and learn about his process. Never heard back from them though lol.

nickybu7 karma

Gotta get you on the Rogan sub and hole that Jamie sees it!

majorjobs6 karma

I wish! I'm not sure he would notice it tho, I'm just some teenager that has this little podcast and he's one of the huge mammoths of the industry.

BlunderwearHS58 karma

I’m a high school teacher thinking about having a 9th grade class do some podcasting. What sort of equipment and software would you suggest?

majorjobs75 karma

Get a good microphone. I use Audacity to edit, and just have fun with it. I don't spend much money at all, and I know you don't have to either.

PM_ME_CORGIS_47 karma

Great work! I seriously wish this was available when I was in high school. I’m not sure if you’d ever be interested in doing alternative science careers? Being a doctor is so heavily pushed in the field of biology, that younger people have no idea what alternative pathways there are available!

majorjobs21 karma

That's interesting. What did you have in mind?

Mr-Zero-Fucks46 karma

Have you had any guest that made you think "damn, that job sucks"?

majorjobs72 karma

There was one episode with a chef that I was trying to dig into some positives but the interviewee kept hitting me with negatives over and over again.

projectklutch34 karma

I just saw your post on r/SmarterEveryDay! Who would you say has been the most interesting person you have interviewed and why?

majorjobs36 karma

This is always a tough question. I know I've said David J. Peterson, but to be honest, everyone is so captivating and interesting. I loved Destin's interview because he is such a passionate and driven guy - he's definitely been one of the most interesting.

hunterburns1530 karma

I’m a driver for a big shipping company that delivers packages all over the world. So my question is, have you had any delivery people on your show so far? The job is way different than it seems.

mylarky16 karma

If he hasn't - you seem like a prime candidate to be on the cast.

majorjobs17 karma

That's what I was thinking ;)

majorjobs12 karma

I haven't! I'll be happy to look into it.

AndrogynousHobo21 karma

What jobs have you considered exploring, that you wouldn’t have considered before (after learning more about the realities of them)?

majorjobs18 karma

Business, tech, broadcasting, entertainment industry - I have tons of interests, some new, and others that I've known for a while.

zanderklocke15 karma

I've worked as a career coach at a large public university for the last 3 years, and I'm curious to know what your biggest takeaway from doing these interviews has been for your own career journey? Have you gained any clarity from this experience that has helped you decide on what you want your career to be or to not be?

majorjobs8 karma

I have. It's a good way for me to narrow down what I don't like and what I don't want to do, while also focussing in on different fields that I think I might be interested in.

Riknektar11 karma

Have you ever considered interviewing folks in the real estate business? Agents/brokers, mortgage bankers, etc. Specifically people with about 15 years of experience or so. So that you can get an understanding of how their jobs have changed from regulation since the Bubble and the crash.

majorjobs11 karma

Yes, for a long time actually! I had one scheduled but they never emailed me back, so I'm trying to find some more. I think it's an awesome job and I'd love to learn more about it.

Cdbull10 karma

Have you considered talking about how you piece together your podcast and record, get motivated, day in the life of, etc? I think it would interesting firsthand how people like you change the world one step at a time. Thanks for putting on this AMA! It’s always fascinating to me to see such a diverse community and I will definitely start listening

majorjobs17 karma

This is the process:

I contact an interviewee (or they come to me), schedule a time, call them and record it, edit in Audacity, publish. Editing is definitely the hardest part because I have absolutely no experience in it and requires a lot of patience.

onetimeonreddit9 karma

What job do you see yourself doing in your future?

majorjobs9 karma

Something in business, the entertainment industry, tech, or broadcasting.

Punzerjazz4 karma

Have you considered a path into audiovisual? There are AV careers out there that touch all of those markets.

majorjobs6 karma

I haven't! Thanks for telling me!

noahjk8 karma

I see you already have a few podcasters, I'd definitely be interested to hear from people like Myke Hurley (/u/imyke) or co-hosts @, Brady Haran (/u/JeffDujon) (also does a ton of work on YT with Numberphile being one of his more popular channels), and maybe someone like TimTheTatman would be fairly accessible as a "streamer" personality. Scott from Essential Craftsman would be a great grab too, insanely knowledgeable and could definitely help shine light on what it's like to earn a living with a trade, which we need more of nowadays.

What kind of tech are you interested in as part of your career?

majorjobs5 karma

That's really interesting, thanks! I actually contacted Tim but never heard back, but I'll try to reach out to the others after some more research!

LustfulGumby7 karma

How did you come up with this idea? I admit I’ve never heard your podcast, though I am going to start. This is an absolutely brilliant idea. You are doing kids and teens a HUGE service.

majorjobs6 karma

I just started realizing that nobody at my school really knew what they wanted to do in the future. I wanted to do something to help, and I thought a podcast would be a good way to do so

T-rade7 karma

Oddest career youve talked about so far?

majorjobs16 karma

I liked talking to Jeff Kaplan about how he works with Blizzard and Overwatch. It was such a cool job, not odd persay, but unique.

NukeTheWhales56 karma

Hey man, congrats on your success! My friend and I are actually about to start are own podcast, do you have any advice about things we should or shouldn't do in the beginning?

majorjobs6 karma

You should make podcasts first and listen to them all the way before getting all the technical stuff like finding a podcast host. Just try it out and have fun, and if you like it, then start going on to the next steps

TheMotleyStew5 karma

Have you considered interviewing an architect?

majorjobs3 karma

I haven't, but I'd be open to doing so

amarubud5 karma

Tap water or bottle water? Best place for tap water in your opinion.?

majorjobs11 karma

Tap water isn't that bad imo. Bottled water ruins the environment, so I try not to drink out of it too much. No idea what the best place for tap water would be though

CleanAcorn773 karma

I’ve thought about podcasting — I have the right equipment just need to get started, so I have a few questions:

  1. How long is a typical recording session for you? Do you do one take or multiple?

  2. Script or no?

  3. How do you avoid being awkward and have a good flow to the podcast?


majorjobs5 karma

  1. About 30 mins to an hour
  2. Yes and no. Sometimes I follow one, other times it's more "flowy"
  3. Practice. My first episodes were awkward. It gets better the more you do it :)

talk_nerdy_to_me693 karma

This is so cool! I wish it was around when I was in school. My question for you is: are there any workers you refuse to interview? People who have a controversial job such as adult film stars, animal testers, etc.

majorjobs8 karma

Well I haven't reached out to any yet, and I don't plan on doing so any time soon.... It's targeted towards teenagers and I know I have some kids listening as well, so I would prefer to stay away from those jobs.

flappy4043 karma

Congrats. You are going to be very wealthy one day. You also hit a jackpot of marketing. My question is where do you see you see yourself in 10 years?

majorjobs5 karma

Haha thanks for the kind words! I want to be done with college, maybe get an MBA, and have a nice family and a nice house with a stable job. That's it, not too much, not too little. As for my podcast, I hope to keep doing it. Maybe get a studio, or be hosted by NPR or a radio station.

nomopyt2 karma

Can you please do one on industrial hygiene and occupational exposure assessment?

It's a great career and no one has heard of it.

Also, what has been the job that generated the more entertaining responses from your audience?

Why do you think schools don't do a better job teaching kids about jobs? What else are they missing?

majorjobs2 karma

  1. Sure! I'll look into it.
  2. Language Creator from David J. Peterson
  3. I think they try their best. Honestly, I don't know. As someone in school, there are counselors and career fairs, but we're still kinda lost. It's more of an experience thing - something schools can't really give.

OMFG_HELP2 karma

  1. What kind of experience in the field do you look for in an interviewee?
  2. Have you ever interviewed a pair of people at the same time?

For example, I just graduated last year and am fresh in the software development field. My mentor has been in for 20 years. It's interesting to see the differences, and I think something like that could be valuable.

I did see your Google developer interview and will give that a listen soon! Sounds like you do some great work!

majorjobs2 karma

  1. Any
  2. I haven't, that's an interesting concept

furbykiller12 karma

This and you are amazing! I teach a junior high course that is solely focused on careers and education after high school. I would love to share some of your podcasts with my students. My question, which you may have answered, is are your podcasts appropriate for all ages?

So many podcasts I’ve tried seem appropriate for the majority of the time and then 40 minutes into a random episode somebody drops the F bomb and starts telling a sex story. I would love to avoid that if possible!

Thank you for coming up with this and doing it, it is awesome to learn about career options and what other people do for work!

majorjobs2 karma

I don't have swears :)

Ramman3212 karma

How did you get started with your podcast? I’ve always wanted to start one. How’d you find the people to do it with?

majorjobs2 karma

I do it all by myself. It was a new year's resolution and I dived right in

maybe_a_fail2 karma

How do you choose and contact people to interview? Have you faced a refusal? How do they generally react when you ask for an interview?

majorjobs3 karma

Usually email. I probably face refusal 50% of the time, it's nothing personal. They're busy so I totally understand. They're cool about it, although I get many people that ignore emails as well.

flowergirl2991 karma

What inspired you to start such a unique podcast?! It’s the first time I’ve heard it, but I’m definitely excited to hear it on Spotify! I’m a college student and you have no idea how helpful this is.

majorjobs7 karma

My peers not knowing what they wanted to do after high school, and not knowing their future goals inspired me to make it. I know this is a common problem not only in my community but all over the country, so I wanted to be someone to help