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Hi Guys, Brett Ambler Aka The Kazoo Kid here.

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Teland at Major Jobs. He was a total pro with a set of questions that he asks of all his guests and then a separate set of questions that he specifically tailors for each individual guest. He’s insightful and a great listener. I say tune in because he’s only getting better and better at this.

My question for you: has anyone approached you about doing interviews on another platform? Or about doing work in broadcast? If not, where would you want to go from here?

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Honestly it’s better than the original video. It’s true artistic elevation. All props to Mike Diva.

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I never expected it to come around again in any significant way. Nobody has recognized me since I don't look 8 years old anymore. I don't think.

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Lights... Camera... I wish.

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How did you get that child acting roll?

I got the roll by audition. My elementary school music teacher told us all that there would be auditions for a sing along movie. I must have expressed interest because next thing I know I was hanging out with Melissa & Doug (writer producers) doing an audition. I don't remember much of that beside crawling around, pretending, making animal noises. Weird stuff. I remember they seemed to be impressed that I was pretty willing to be strange. They auditioned a few hundred kids from all the neighboring towns and cast 6 or 7 of us. Through the rehearsal process every person besides me was recast. I think one girl was replaced by her own sister if I remember right.

Why in the world did they dub the girls to sound like older women?

It was a budget movie. And Melissa (producer) was who we had around. So all of the male dubs were done by me and all the female dubs were done by Melissa.

Did any of your friends see this video when you were older, and if so, how did that influence your life?

I mostly kept it on the DL after moving away from home. But most of my friends who have seen it think it's cute. And they always wonder what happened to my hair since it's more brown and curly now. Puberty, I think, is what happened.

What profession do you have now? Are you an actor or musician?

I'm lucky enough to say that I'm still an actor and musician! I just recently played Buddy Holly in The Buddy Holly Story in Colorado.

Do you still know how to play the kazoo, and am I still your friend?

I do still know how to play the kazoo. It's a fantastic instrument. And yes, I think we're still friends. Special friends.