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What’s bigger in Prague, hockey or basketball?

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How did you go about establishing contact with a figure such a elevator Ernie?

Also do you know what you call a group of aged 24-33 white males? A podcast! So you’re definitely ahead of the curve. (I mean that all in a good way, get that media wave)

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I knew football would be number one, but with a large influx of successful NBA players from the region (but not Czechia) in particular, I was wondering if there has been any growth in the sport, given that it requires less money than hockey, but still more pricey than football.

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How wide of a net have you cast? Like the process of arranging an interview is just so intriguing

Edit: honored to be your first response!

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Well there are literal differences in rules, albeit typically minor, and the ball is slightly smaller but the style of play is different. Euroball looks like NCAA play with better shooting, whereas the NBA has more hero ball and above the rim play.